Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez Trial Finally Underway, Here’s What Tory Lanez Has To Lose

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez trial officially begins today. The successful artists have been embroiled in drama since 2020 following their very confusing altercation in the back of a car. No one has 100% certainty on what happened, and their court dates have continued to be pushed back. Well, the pair will finally get their day in court this week. Does this mean the truth will finally be revealed? 

Initially, Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez trial was scheduled for September 14th. Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, asked for a new date to accommodate his lawyer Shawn Holley who at the time was also representing Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and Danny Masterson. The same day that Tory asked for the trial to be pushed back, the judge also subpoenaed Kelsey Harris to return on December 9th. Harris is the only other person that was in the car the night of the incident and Megan’s former friend. 

Harris has been crucial to the case because it has long since been rumored that both she and Megan had been intimate with Tory Lanez and that the incident stemmed from them finding out about it. Megan has accused Harris of taking hush money from Lanez in recent months and meeting up with him at a hotel days after the incident. Megan has maintained her innocence and claims she’s the victim, while Tory Lanez claims that is not true. 

Last monday, Tory Lanez made a court appearance during jury selection. Media personality Dennis Byron has been covering the case and was reporting live from the courtroom. While in the court room, Byron tweeted, “Trial Coverage: Rapper #ToryLanez is expected to appear inside a Los Angeles courtroom this morning for jury selection setting. I will be reporting gavel to gavel once the jury is picked. The prosecution’s key witness is believed to be a former friend of #megantheestallion.” 

Fans were happy to finally see some movement on the case and responded to the post saying, “We do not need a pre-trial play-by-play lol come back when the tea has been spilled,” and “This has gone on too long. hopefully, everything goes as planned, and nothing is rescheduled.” Dennis updated fans a few times before going quiet, with his last tweet saying, “Wait a minute…is there a plea deal in the works? #ToryLanez #MeganTheeStallion.” 

Fans in the comments informed each other on how plea deals work and how it is actually standard in criminal cases when all parties agree it is easier than the risk of a full trial. “Before you guys run with this, a plea deal can be offered and not taken,” said one person. Another tweeted, “Unfortunately, yes, they do all the time. 97% of cases end in plea deals because they don’t want to take the risk. Many ppl take deals and are found to be innocent later. It happens every day.” 

Tory Lanez is currently facing 22 years and an additional eight months. According to ABC News contributor Brian Buckmire, Tory Lanez could be deported if he is found guilty in the case. The news contributor claims he doesn’t have a green card or citizenship, so there’s more at stake for the singer than being sentenced. After serving the time, Tory Lanez could potentially be banned from returning to the states to continue making the money he’s been making from his music career.

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