Meherpur vegetables are going to 3 countries of the world

Cabbage, a safe vegetable produced by the farmers of Gangni in Meherpur, is going to Taiwan after Malaysia and Singapore. Farmers in the region are interested in producing safe vegetables in the hope of making more profit with less investment. And the agriculture department says that the agriculture department is cooperating in all kinds of safe vegetable production.

In Gangni upazila of Meherpur different types of vegetables are cultivated throughout the year. Gangni farmers have an important contribution in the vegetable production of the country. Non-toxic safe vegetables are cultivated here which has increased foreign income due to export.

This season, 500 metric tons of cabbage has been sent to Taiwan. There is a demand for more than 600 metric tons. The demand is increasing day by day.

The cost per bigha has been 20 to 22 thousand. And that copy is being sold for 45 thousand to 50 thousand rupees. A commercial company called Agro Fresh is assisting in this work. The farmers also said that the interest in vegetable cultivation is increasing among the farmers as consumer demand is increasing and foreign exports have started.

Farmers Shahrul Islam and Arif Hossain of Shaharbati village in Meherpur Gangni upazila said the price of cabbage in the local market is much lower. A copy is being sold for 1 to 2 rupees. But the contract farmers of the company are selling copies at higher prices.

The cost per bigha has been 20 to 22 thousand. And that copy is being sold for 45 thousand to 50 thousand rupees. Many are hopeful that they will be able to grow vegetables safely under a contract with the company.

Ali Hossain, a farmer from the same village, said that this year he has lost 15 to 20 thousand rupees per bigha by cultivating coffee. In the future, he will sign a contract with the company to cultivate safe vegetables.

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