Melyssa Ford Claims She Never Drove A Honda Accord

Melyssa Ford is a Canadian media personality, actress, and former video vixen. Ford has been the focal point of many iconic hip-hop videos and songs. During a recent episode of Hollywood Unlocked, she caught up with Megan Good, who has also been the center of many iconic hip-hop moments. The ladies were joined by Jason Lee and talked about many of the rumors they’ve faced over the years. The two are connected through a particular record from The Game. They made sure to set the record straight on the song’s lyrics during their discussion.

Throughout her 20s, Megan Good dated like any other young person. She’s had several high-profile relationships that, according to her, really prepped her for her 30’s. During that time Good was the subject of many rumors and headlines that she did not enjoy. Because of this, Megan said she spent a long time with a chip on her shoulder and feeling like people did not see her for her heart. Ford chimed in various times stating that she felt the same way because of her career trajectory as a model and vixen.

Megan also opened up about her relationship with 50 Cent. It was over a decade ago and only lasted a year, but she worked hard to keep things lowkey because she had just come out of shooting the “21 Questions” video with him. She worried that their relationship would overshadow her career so Good made sure to protect herself. Ford, who also has had a relationship with 50 Cent, chimed in saying that the rapper is much kinder and sweeter than people would think. Ford says that he often gets lost in the persona, but the person is way different.

Picking up on all their similarities, Jason Lee pointed out that the two of them were also the subject of some subs by The Game in his 2006 hit “Wouldn’t Get Far” featuring Kanye West. Ford was happy Lee brought this up, because according to her, all anyone ever remembers in the lyric about her. In the song, The Game says, “And all these new video [girls] trying to be Melyssa Ford/ But they don’t know Melyssa Ford drive a Honda Accord/ She a video vixen, but behind closed doors/ She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Awards, haha.”

Ford says the song is the bane of her existence and something she’s had a hard time trying to live down over the years. She declares that she never drove a Honda Accord. For Good, she says she did not appreciate her mention either and called The Game directly to address it. The reference to Good alludes to her and Jamie Foxx having a relationship. “Picture that, like Meagan Good and Jamie Foxx/ Hype said it’s a wrap, she still on the set.” She said this was problematic because not only has she never dated Jamie Foxx, but she was also in the middle of trying to get back with her boyfriend at the time and the lyrics caused some problems.

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