Mendeecees Reveals He Put His Own Mother Up For Collateral In Drug Deal, Took Supplier To Her Home To Show Him Where She Lives

Mendeecees has been speaking about his time on the streets and some of the absurd things he did in order to become a street pharamacist. The Love & Hip-Hop star recently sat down with Shannon Sharpe to discuss his past and some of the terrible choices he made.

Mendeecees Harris says he had good in his heart to do good business but made some silly choices without thinking far off into the future. While Sharpe joked that Harris was El Chapo before El Chapo, Mendeecees does not believe he was that bad. “Nah, but I was moving some weight since a kid, but I wasn’t no El Chapo. I got some crazy stories. I remember one time I was dealing with a connect,” he paused to reveal that what he was going to say might not sit well with everyone. “I put my mom up for collateral.”

Shannon Sharpe was shocked as Mendeecees explained that he was given a lot of product to move, and as a sign that he was going to follow through with business, the connect asked to be shown where Mendeecees’s mother lived just in case. “I ain’t have no intentions to run off, so I took them [to her house.].”

Fans in the comments thought he could have kept this confession to himself. “Some things you need to go to the grave with and not tell a soul…Cause what?! 😮” said one person. Another thought he was good for telling the truth. “A lot of people think street life is just fun and pretend it’s life or death … for real. Hopefully, this will have young people thinking twice,” they said.

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