Method of making tub soil in roof garden

At present many people are interested in gardening in tubs. But you can’t succeed because you don’t know how to make it well. So lost the enthusiasm. They learn simple techniques for making soil for tubs in the roof garden. If the soil can be prepared properly, the tree gets the required nutrients and the yield is also good.

Mixing clay or sandy soil: If your soil is clay (hard soil), you need to mix sandy soil. If the soil is sand, then clay soil should be mixed. All in all, any soil has to be converted into two-fiber soil. As soon as the soil crumbles, you will understand that it has become two-fiber soil.

Mixing of organic manure in the soil : Whether the soil is clay or sand, in both cases a large amount of organic manure should be mixed. At least one-fourth of organic manure should be mixed with normal soil. This will keep the germs in the soil active.

If it is clay or sandy soil, its quantity should be further increased. It is better to have half the amount of soil. Vermicompost is best as an organic fertilizer. Homemade waste, rotten manure or rotten dung manure can also be given.

Mixing of chemical fertilizers: Half drum for roof and 2 feet by 2 feet 1.5 feet for soil Holds about 120-150 kg (about 3-4 sacks) of soil in half drum. In both cases 30-50 kg organic manure with soil, 120-150 g TSP, 80-100 g (2-3 handfuls) potash, 40-50 gm (1.0-1.5 handfuls) gypsum, 10-15 gms (1.5-2.0 teaspoons) Mix boron and zinc fertilizer well and cover for 15 days. After 15 days, mix the soil well again and plant the seedlings leaving it open for a few hours.

Soil Purification: Purification work can be done while making soil. For this, granular pesticides and Carbendazim group fungicides can be mixed with the above amount of soil at the rate of 10 g (1.0-1.5 tsp). This will be able to control nematodes or worms and fungi.

Organic pesticide Bioderma Solid can be applied instead of granular pesticide. In that case Bioderma should be mixed with 1-2 gm of vermicompost per kg and left for 15 days. After 15 days, vermicompost mixed with Bioderma should be mixed with the soil mixed with fertilizer.

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