Mexican Authorities Gives Update On Shanquella Robinson’s Case, Claims It’s ‘Practically Solved’

Shanquella Robinson’s case is reportedly already solved, according to Mexican authorities. The North Carolina woman lost her life while vacationing in Cabo with a group of friends. Social media has been working hard to expose those people that were on the trip with her in Cabo and track down their whereabouts, leaking their numbers and addresses. Now it appears an warrant has been issued for the person of interest and it’s only a matter of time before justice is served.

During an interview, a representative of the Mexican authorities claimed the case is practically solved and that they are working with United States Interpol to extract their primary suspect. Despite authorities being tight-lipped about the name of the individual responsible, the caption for the video names Daejhanae as the individual. Keep in mind we can not confirm Daejhanae Jackson is the person of interest.

The clip is of Daniel De La Rosa Anaya, the attorney general of Baja California Sur. The AG says that all parties are working together to transport the individual to Mexico, where she can be brought to justice. He insists the case is pretty much solved and just waiting to have the individual extradited back to Mexico. While many people are wondering what’s taking so long, it appears this a very tedious process and the two governments are working diligently to get this done.

Some people are not happy with only one person being held accountable and feel like the entire party should be brought in. “If they haven’t come for the #Cabo6 then the case isn’t practically solved. They need criminal statutes on every last traveler on that trip. Anything less must be deemed unacceptable by the family and us. #ShanquellaRobinson #justiceforshanquella #JusticeForShanquellaRobinson,” said one person.

Another person said, “They all need to be charged… They were all there; if they was all together and one person stole something, they all go down… Charge all of them.” One of the young men has since posted a video online claiming he had no idea what happened and arrived a day later.

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