Michael Blackson Claims Sidney Starr Attempted To Set Him Up

Reality television star Sidney Starr seems to have a reputation around town. While it appears she has some really great friends who are straight males, other men have told stories about her asking for pictures with them before later trying to “out” them as people she’s been intimate with, even if that is not the case. Rapper Chingy has experienced the worst of this, with Family Matters star Darius McCrary defending her and claiming they are only friends. Comedian Michael Blackson was up on game already and told Vladtv the hilarious story about how he shut Sidney down after a show in Chicago.

Blackson recalls being out of Chicago a couple of years ago at an event where Sidney Starr was present. Starr approached him and asked for a picture. Blackson says that immediately after posting it, she slid in his DM, trying to start a conversation. He had already been warned about her thanks to the road manager of the tour who was present during the exchange. “Once I realize it was a man, one of my road managers said that’s the transgender guy,” recalls Blackson.

Immediately, he wanted the person who took the picture to delete it but decided to wait and see what happened.
“I’ll shut it down. I will insult you,” said Blackson. He goes on to say that he respects everybody for “what they are” but has never had a gay thought in his life. He goes on to admit that African culture is not very tolerant of homosexuality and that he is very religious as well, so it is not something that he believes.

He says the moment Starr jumped in his DM, he roasted her, claiming that she had a sense of humor about it. The comedian goes on to say that he knew her motives and why she DM’d him, which is why he made sure to make a joke about it and address it right away. He claims she sent their picture to Baller Alert, so he screenshot and reposted it, unleashing even more jokes on her to make it clear there was nothing going on beyond the photo. He even called her a “Handsome Beech.”

Sidney Starr was recently in the news after images of her and Darius McCrary hit the net. While the two looked very cozy in the photos, they both maintain that they are only friends and the shoot was to show that “people are people.” In the past, Starr caught some heat after spreading rumors about her in Chingy. She later confessed to them being lies, but according to Chingy, the rumors cost him a record deal. Swae Lee was not too pleased with Starr either after she posted a picture insinuating that “he ain’t got no type,” a reference to his hit song that could also be misread as him also liking transwomen. In a separate post, Lee said “If you see us and we don’t want to stop or take a picture, this is why. This is a man. I was stopping to take a picture with a fan. Don’t misconstrue a picture.”

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