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Michael Blackson Wife Says She Contacts His Side Chicks To Make Him Feel Better When He’s Down

Michael Blackson and Rada have a special union. After years of getting in trouble for cheating, Michael decided to try something different and date a partner who allowed him some openness. The “Next Friday” star is allowed to entertain women outside of their union under a very specific set of rules. These rules are in place to make his woman Rada feel comfortable, although Rada admits that she too likes sharing the bedroom with another beautiful woman.

Since the pair has opened up on their arrangement, Michael has not been shy to talk about it in different interviews. In the past, he’s been very vocal about his appetite and how being with women outside of his wife actually makes him desire her more. During an interview promoting their stint on VH1 Couples Retreat, he says that side chicks make him appreciate Rada more. “We have our best [time] after [I’m intimate] with a side chick,” he told Hot 97. Rada erupted with laughter at his admission. “Do you have to reveal all our secrets!” she said, looking embarrassed.

Rada admits that their openness makes Michael a better fiancé and that he has made a lot of changes throughout their relationship. “I see a lot of change from the beginning of our relationship until now; it is like a 180. I don’t want to say it, but when he does have a chick or two like during the weekend, and he comes back to me like his performance is amazing,” she proclaims. Rada says that hearing about her husband being intimate with other women also excites her and makes their time alone more enjoyable for her as well.

Rada knows the way to her man’s heart, and whenever she feels Michael is down, she knows just the right pick me up. “She’s very just smart, very intelligent, she’s very loving, very caring, she’s like to take care of her man, she takes very good care of me physically, mentally, stomachly.” He goes on to say that when he’s feeling sad, Rada will call up one of his side chicks to cheer him up.

This is a huge improvement for the couple who just a few months prior had called it quits. Michael and Rada admit that approaching their relationship this way has made life easier for them. Even still, Michael has some rules Rada tries to enforce for her peace of mind and their safety. For starters, she is not usually a fan of repeat visits. According to Michael, Rada prefers he just sleep with random women while he’s on the road and get it over with. However, Michael worries that random women could have ulterior motives and secretly record him, rob him, or worst. Michael also says that being with a random woman makes it harder to track STIs and that he prefers being able to build a bond and even sometimes spoil his side chick. Michael got in trouble once for trying to order a girl’s food after hooking up.

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John Davidson
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