Migos Rapper Takeoff Was Hopeful Offset Would Return To The Group Prior To His Passing

The Migos were a fractured group prior to losing TakeOff early this morning. It is not 100% clear what exactly when down between the trio, who are also all related, but the guys had not been doing anything as a group for the last few months. With fans hoping to see Quavo and Offset put on a united front for their fallen brother, we decided to let a look at their beef and find out what went wrong. 

Fans of the Migos were treated to almost a decade of music, including a handful of Billboard top 10s and their critically acclaimed trilogy Culture. As solo acts, they have also had varying degrees of success, with Quavo and Offset being neck and neck as the groups break out star. Culture III was released in 2021 under Capitol Records, Motown Records, and Quality Control Music. It features Cardi B, Drake, Polo G, Future, Justin Bieber, Pop Smoke, and Juice Wrld. The project featured two singles, “Need It” and “Straightenin.” Despite a request from fans for a fourth installment, this would never see the light of day. 

Rumors of an affair between Offset and Saweetie hit the net earlier this year, which many dismissed considering how close Offset and Quavo are, in addition, to Offset being married. Unfortunately, Offset began pulling out of group performances, making it seem like there might have been some truth to it. He also unfollowed Quavo and TakeOff on social media, followed by suing their label, Quality Control, for control of his career. 

While some believed a rift between Quavo and Offset was many due to jealousy or something else, Quavo fed into the rumors about an affair with his lyrics on the song “Messy.” Released on his joint EP with TakeOff titled Only Built for Infinity Links, the album was already a sign of there being an issue due to Offsets’ absence. On the record, Quavo alluded to an ex wanting to sleep with his friend and how messy the whole thing got. 

Despite all the speculation, the guys remained pretty vague on what was going on. During the promo run for their duo album, Quavo continued to stress the importance of loyalty and how he felt that he valued it more than Offset. “I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo because we came from a loyal family. [We] supposed to stick together. Sometimes when shit don’t work out, it ain’t meant to be.” He continued, saying that they “stand on loyalty” and says that whatever went wrong is between “three brothers,” and they planned on being a duo for the foreseeable future until things changed. 

TakeOff seemed to have a different view on things and was hoping for some reconciliation between his uncle and cousin. He stressed that he does not have all the answers, but he “prays a lot.” “We’re always family ain’t nothing gone change,” he told Big Facts on Revolt. He talked about hoping God would bring them back together.

Unfortunately, he will never see his brothers reunite as his life was taken on November 1, 2022. 

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