Mike Tyson Accidentally Reveals Friend Jamie Foxx Suffered A Stroke, Then Attempts To Backtrack

Mike Tyson recently spoke about his good friend Jamie Foxx and gave a surprising revelation.

Jamie Foxx’s health issues have had fans on pins and needles for weeks. His family and friends have remained tight-lipped on what happened to him, forcing many to jump to conclusions on what’s going on.

While many have wild conspiracy theories on what exactly took out the Oscar-winning entertainer, it seems close friend Mike Tyson actually knows and slipped up in a recent discussion.

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized around April 12. His daughter Corrine took to social media with a message for his fans, just saying he suffered a medical complication and the family would be privately helping him.

It was later reported that things were not looking good, followed by reports that he was in a rehab center in Chicago recovering. Most friends have maintained that they do not know what is happening and simply asked that the public keep Foxx lifted in prayer.

Even Tiffany Haddish kept it cool during a recent interview, despite famously being the one to spill tea when she’s not supposed to.

It would be Mike Tyson who accidentally opened up. Tyson and Foxx go back decades, as Foxx used to parody Mike on Living Single before partnering with the heavyweight to develop a film on his life that he was supposed to star in.

During a recent interview, Mike Tyson told Valuetainment that his buddy had suffered a stroke. He then backtracked, saying, “I don’t know what happened to him. Hey, listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath.

We don’t know when we are gonna die… After we leave this — bad stuff can happen.” He then added, “If we don’t know it by now, they don’t want us to know.”

We need people like this guy in this world to help us stay grounded with a good laugh and perspectives in life that he brings to the table. Nothing but good thoughts and positivity going his way from here.”

In another clip, Mike says, “They said stroke; I don’t know what’s going on.” One fan commented, “I hope Jamie pulls through with whatever is going on.

Mike says he’s also unsure of the status of their movie due to Foxx’s recent health issues but also due to his age.

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