Mimi Faust Blames Stevie J For All Of Her Failed Relationships

Mimi Faust is opening up about her relationship with Stevie J and how it left her traumatized for awhile. The reality television star has moved on and found new love with Ty Young, with the pair recently celebrating their second engagement. Mimi stopped by TS Madison’s new show Turnt Out on FOXSOUL to discuss how she was able to embrace new love and let go of her past so she could truly be happy.

Faust and Young have been together for a long time now. The retired WNBA star popped the question at a fancy 50th birthday party she threw for Faust in early January. This was the second time the pair had got engaged. The first time, Faust confessed that she was not ready and only said yes because she felt pressured by the camera. At the time, Mimi and Ty told news outlets that they had simply grown apart and were going in different directions but were still friends. They maintained that no one had cheated and that it was all love.

When she began digging even further, Mimi realized that what was truly holding her back was damage from her past. Speaking with TS, she recalled being scared, terrified and breaking down following the original engagement. Familiar with her history, TS questioned if it was Mimi’s past with Stevie J that had her so worried about surrendering to love?

According to Mimi, her trauma started when she was only six years old. She credits therapy for helping her unpack a lot of things that had been working against her throughout her life.

When it came to Stevie in particular, Mimi admits that his relationship was her most significant life lesson. For years she did not know how to trust and did not believe anything he said after years of lies and disrespect. Stevie famously treated Mimi badly on the first few seasons of Love and Hip-Hop, cheating on her and leaving her for Joseline Hernandez. Stevie’s reputation has continued and after a messy split fom Joseline, he began dating and married singer Faith Evans. They are also now heading for divorce amidst some messy cheating rumors.

Stevie and Mimi have a child together, so she had to overcome a lot of their history and learn to let go so that she could move on properly and be able to co-parent. The whole ordeal set her up for several failed relationships leading up to and including Ty. After taking some time off to do the work, Mimi finally understood that she wanted happiness and deserved it.
When her and Ty reunited, they decided it would be best to completely start over with a fresh slate. They got to know each other again, set new boundaries and allowed themselves to fall in love once more. At their second engagement, Ty confessed that she loved Mimi and her daughter and wanted to give marriage a second chance.

TS Madison opened up to Mimi, confessing that she had never done therapy but was considering it after hearing recent accounts from Mimi and Tamar Braxton about how it helped them. The host also revealed to Mimi she believed her relationship with Ty was for a story line for Love and Hip Hop and didn’t believe it was real. After Mimi appeared on her show, TS Madison is now convinced the relationship and the love is real.

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