Momma Dee Claims Her and Scrappy Haven’t Spoken In Four Months Because Of Bambi

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta continues to bring the drama both on and off the screen. Momma Dee has been locked in an ongoing battle with her son, rapper Scrappy for several seasons now. While she’s always found an issue with the women he’s dating, the now-married Scrappy cannot seem to get his mom and wife, Bambi, on the same page. Unfortunately, this has resulted in Momma Dee being excluded from their home, the lives of their children, and now reportedly not even speaking with her own son.

Scrappy has had a few relationships, and while his mom does not get along with everyone, she has maintained a strong bond with his ex Shay. So much so that she had often compared her bond with Shay to the non-existing one she has with Bambi. She criticizes Bambi for not showing up for her like Shay does and claims that it is because Bambi is insecure. This has been milked for storylines, of course, but Bambi says that it’s all for show, and she has no issues with Momma Dee and Shay. According to Bambi, she does not have any issues with Momma Dee since she’s set boundaries and her mother-in-law is just hyping it for attention.

This was on full display during a recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop, where Scrappy informed his mother that she could not enter his home due to her disrespect. She opted to stand in the driveway and scream through a blowhorn for her grandchildren to come out. Despite efforts Momma Dee was never granted the opportunity to visit her grandchildren. Scrappy laughed her off and went in the house.

Despite the clip showing that Scrappy does spend time with his mom and has an existing relationship, she recently went on Instagram Live to tell fans they have not spoken in 4 months. A seemingly intoxicated Momma Dee was yelling over the person interviewing her, continuing to call Bambi insecure and vent about her not taking care of Momma Dee when she was sick. She then goes on to say that Bambi has come between her and her son and that outside of the reunion, Scrappy has not spoken to her in over four months.

“This is sad. She is ruining her relationship with her son for what. This is crazy,” said one fan under the clip.

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