Momma Dee Continues To Ignite Feud With Bambi and Her Mother, Calls Out Her Parenting

Drama seems to follow Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Momma Dee wherever she goes, especially concerning her daughter-in-law, Adi “Bambi” Benson. We’ve seen their tumultuous relationship play out on the popular reality series for multiple seasons. And if Momma Dee’s recent Instagram Live has anything to say about it, they’re still in a bad place. She’s even making claims about her grandkids and questioning Bambi’s parenting skills.

Momma Dee, the mother of rapper and reality star Lil’ Scrappy, is a woman who never withholds how she truly feels. There have been many moments in the reality television series where Momma Dee’s actions and behavior have come into question. Also noticeable is the Atlanta resident’s apparent alliance with Lil Scrappy’s one-time ex, Shay Johnson. Recently, Momma Dee came under fire for attending the reality star’s baby shower. When news of her appearance at the event hit the Internet, social media immediately retorted with backlash.

Momma Dee addressed the backlash by responding to a social media user who suggested her action was “disrespectful” to Bambi, with whom Scrappy has been married since 2017 and shares three children. The “I Deserve” singer expressed, “I’m down for who down for me.” In addition, she fired back with claims that Bambi had never cared for her in any way and labeled her “insecure.”

Momma Dee also revealed that she was no longer on speaking terms with Lil Scrappy because of Bambi’s “insecurities.” Bambi then went on her Instagram Live and was inundated with fans seeking a direct response or drama. She stated that she didn’t care about issues that didn’t concern her, including the pictures Momma Dee posted on her Instagram. However, Bambi said that she was good as long as her name wasn’t mentioned.

Well, recently, Momma Dee appeared on Instagram Live again to speak on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Miami. She then began to share that issues between herself, Scrappy, and Bambi, are still destructive. Calling Bambi out of her name, she says that she was “born with the energy,” addressing her daughter-in-law allegedly telling her to “keep that same energy.” What’s even pettier is that she appears to be at Shay Johnson’s house and talking to her during the Live.

Momma Dee then addresses Bambi’s mother, whom she also has issues with. She expresses that she is unafraid of them and labels them “unintelligent.”In addition, Momma Dee claims that Bambi and Scrappy’s children are not potty trained. But soon enough, Shay Johnson comes into the camera’s frame to divert the conversation. Bambi appears to have come across Momma Dee’s rant and offered a rebuttal. Sitting next to her mother while driving, Bambi states that she, once again, “doesn’t care” and labels it as “reality star” drama.

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