Momma Dee No Longer Allowed In Bambi and Lil Scrappy’s Home Following Her Constant Disrespect

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is back with a new season, but the same drama is present. Rapper Scrappy continues to try and find balance between his mother, Momma Dee and his wife Bambi. In the latest preview, Scrappy and Bambi have laid down some strict boundaries for Momma Dee that she is not honoring. Lets find out why the family are beefing and get into the latest preview. 

Scrappy and his mother are pulling up to his house, and she expresses in her confessional how she has not been able to see her grandmother. Momma Dee proclaims that Bambi has kept the kids from her through Covid and is worried about how she is going to react when she pulls up to the house. Scrappy shocks his mother when he reveals that she will not be coming inside with him and that she is not allowed in their home. When his mother expresses her shock, Scrappy lets her know that she has not honored him or his wife’s boundaries, so now they have to set clear rules for her. 

Scrappy gets out to walk into his home, and when he turns around, his mother is standing in a driveway with a bullhorn demanding that Bambi let the kids come outside and see her. Scrappy laughs her off and admits that he does not know where the horn came from. “I’m going to see my damn grandkids. That’s a war worth fighting,” Mama Dee proclaims. “Momma Dee said 📢 SEND OUT THE KIDS 📢 😂🤣 #LHHATL,” the official Love and Hip-Hop page stated in their caption. 

Bambi told TMZ back in April that she actually had no real issues with Momma Dee and that a lot of times, her mother-in-law is just creating issues for the television show. Case in point, when Momma Dee attended a baby shower for Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Shay Johnson. The reality star knew her appearance would ruffle some feathers, specifically her son and his wife. However, Momma Dee insisted on attending.

Many fans thought her being in attendance was disrespectful to Scrappy and Baby. However Momma Dee fired back at the criticism stating, “I’m down for who down for me. I’ve never heard bam even give a [expletive] about what I ate. Send me flowers for my birthday. Give me a greeting card!” She went on to question fans, saying, “I’m supposed to leave Shea alone because she’s insecure; she’s insecure, and she’s dragging my son, and my son and I are not even speaking because of her insecurity. I’m done.”

Bambi reveals that not only does she not care, but she does not know Shay or have any issues with her. She chalks up all the energy to Momma Dee creating storylines for television. “I’m cool with Momma Dee when the cameras are off,” she told Raquel Harper on the “It’s Tricky’ podcast.” Bambi may be right. Momma Dee made sure to blast Scrappy and his wife right before the season premiered back in September. She called Bambi and bad parent and said Scrappy was allowing his wife to treat his mother bad. “A lot of people do things to they mom and allow people to victimize they mom.” 

Do you think Momma Dee is really being mistreated by Bambi and Scrappy, or is it all just for ratings? 

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