Monica Sets Fans Straight Who Believe She Only Makes Good Music When A Man Breaks Her Heart

Monica is part of a group of elite R&B vocalists who specialize in heartbreak and sadness. While she was happily married for several years, it appears fans were hoping for a new era of Monica classics following her split from Shannon Brown. Monica is letting fans know she never needed a man to sing a hit. 

Monica was only 11 years old when she was discovered and signed by super producer Dallas Austin. By the time she was 15, she dropped her debut album, Miss Thang. Despite never having been in love, Monica was racking up hits with songs about heartbreak, break-ups, and pretty serious adult topics. The records included “Don’t Take it Personal (Just One of Those Days),” “Before You Walk Out My Life,” and “Why I Love You So Much.” 

Monica would build a career off these types of songs, scoring hits well into the 2000s and gaining a reputation for heartbreak anthems. Monica’s last well-received album was 2010’s Still Standing. Released at a tumultuous time in her life that was well documented by her BET reality series Monica: Still Standing, the project further cemented that Monica might be at her best when her heart is broken. 

Love would find her during the music video for “Love All Over Me,” and she and Shannon Brown would marry shortly afterward, divorcing recently in 2019. Monica has been slowly releasing music both during the marriage and after, but fans feel like it is not hitting the same and took to social media to vent. 

“Can’t somebody break @MonicaDenise heart[so] we can get that good music!?” Asked one of her followers. Monica responded to the post, saying, “ya’ll stop wishing this s*** on me!” She went on to say that her heart has been broken several times, and contrary to popular belief, her best heartbreak records were made before she ever fell in love. “My best records I had never even been with a man. Let that sink in, and remove this MF curse!” 

Fans in the comments defended Monica and pointed out how toxic it was for fans to wish her heartbreak. “Facts! Stop speaking heartbreak 💔 over people’s lives 😂😂😂” said one. Do you think Monica can make good music without heartbreak in her life? 

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