Moniece Slaughter’s Mother Concerned She May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

There is drama within Moniece Slaughter’s household again, and it’s spilling over onto social media in the worst way. The reality star and her parents have taken their issues out on one another in the public eye and are in the midst of airing out dirty laundry. The sad events include Moniece Slaughter’s honest feelings about her daughter’s recent pregnancy news. Is she, or is she not pregnant? The controversial’s mother thinks not.

Earlier this year, the Love and Hip Hop star revealed that she was pregnant with her second child on her Instagram Live. However, the identity of the alleged child’s father is unknown. Still, Moniece Slaughter made it very clear that it was not B2K rapper Lil’ Fizz (real name Dreux Pierre Frédéric). 

In the video, Moniece Slaughter revealed that she is having a baby girl that she intends to name Dior. The sometimes singer also shared that she was not with the baby’s father and revealed that she was dealing with a myriad of issues with him. In addition, Slaughter also took a dig at her mother, Marla Thomas, saying that she hopes for her daughter to break generational curses and that she would be the mother that her own mom was not to her. But according to Moniece Slaughter’s mother, things may not be as they seem. Marla Thomas claims in an Instagram Live that her daughter is troubled and believes that she is seeking attention for many reasons.  

“I need you to hear me,” she began saying in the video. Questioning the possibility of the paternity of the baby’s father, Marla Thomas, who is willfully estranged from her daughter, brings a level of concern because she will be the child’s grandmother no matter the circumstance.  

Thomas goes on to expose Moniece’s potential child’s father’s claims of concern for the situation. Marla Thomas states that the man in question had evidence of harassment, among other infractions. Things escalated so badly that the courts had to get involved, and a restraining order was given to the child’s father against Moniece. However, he wanted to handle things privately as a means to protect the reality star from media scrutiny. Marla Thomas’s husband, David, disagreed and told him to proceed.

Moniece’s mother further places implications of doubt on her pregnancy. Marla Thomas expresses that Moniece should focus on proving that she is with child instead of drawing the child’s father out with her antics. “Instead of you running all over the place trying to expose and get him to respond to you supposedly being pregnant, send him the ultrasound,” dared Marla Thomas. Reminding Moniece Slaughter that she’s having a girl and that she should have proof of this, she continues to ask for evidence but states, “there’s none of that.”

“So what I have to say is, wake up,” said Thomas. Her mother admits that she wouldn’t be surprised that her daughter would claim to have “receipts” for her claims. But Thomas warns about the ramifications that come with lying about pregnancy and what that would be like for Moniece Slaughter and her reputation. “If a baby is not born, she started this conversation in saying she was pregnant in September the very beginning,” she issued. Running off of Slaughter’s initial point of conception, her mother questions, “So that would make a baby have to be born in May, right?”

Shedding light on the fact that we are almost in the month of May, Marla Thomas says that the answer to the question would have already been provided. She then covers another base on if there would be a sudden miscarriage. According to Marla Thomas, if Moniece Slaughter claims that she lost the baby at any point, it can only be chalked up to her daughter’s “manipulative mind.”

“And that’s just the way it [is]. It’s unfortunate either way,” said the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s mother. Elsewhere in the video, Marla Thomas labels the child’s potential father as a “caring guy” who is possibly being lured in, once again, with her daughter’s mind tricks. She also talks about the same issues in Moniece’s past relationships with Fizz and A.D. However, there were no children involved in the latter relationship.  

She also promises that she will no longer follow her daughter on any social media platform in the future and that pregnancy comes with “facts.” “I haven’t seen any facts that confirm a pregnancy for me and my family,” said Marla Thomas. The video clip is below.

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