Ms. Robbie Social Media Flooded With Love On Final Day Of Her Sweetie Pies Restaurant Being Shut Down

It’s been almost two months since Robbie Montgomery had to close down her iconic eatery Sweetie Pies. The bittersweet ending to her St. Louis staple came at the end of a troubled saga for the Montgomery family. However, fans of the restaurant and fans of Ms. Robbie has continued to show her love in her comments section and thank her for an incredible dining experience that spanned over two decades.

Ms. Robbie worked the final day at her restaurant. In a video posted to her page, she shared patron testimonials and clips from the last day as people flooded in to get their last plate from the iconic Sweetie Pies. In the lengthy caption, it read, “Robbie Montgomery worked the last day at Sweetie Pie’s Upper Crust like it was any other day: in the kitchen, watching over every platter of her famous fried chicken.” The “hands-off” chef posed with visitors and hugged them as they came in to thank her for years of fine dining. “Patrons lined up down the block for hours Sunday to get one last plate — and to-go bag — of Montgomery’s down-home soul food cooking.”

In the video, one woman admitted to how sad she was but also how proud she was to have been able to experience the restaurant. “This is a sad day, but it’s also a good day, I think. This is the end of an era. This is the end of a legacy, a family dynasty. The end of a successful black-owned business.” Another person said, “It’s exciting to get to experience a good restaurant and community like this,” before admitting she was not sure what she would do on Sundays anymore.

In the comments section, people praised Ms. Robbie as well. One said, “Awwwww wishing her the best! She’s been through a lot! It’s time for her to take her vibrant personality and enjoy her life. 🔥❤️” Another commented, “And my granddaughter just moved there. I hoped to visit her and taste some of this food! We love you Ms. Robbie. Thanks for your big heart and legacy!! ❤️❤️❤️”

The post made sure to celebrate Sweetie Pie’s impact on television as well. “The closure of the cafeteria-style restaurant and banquet hall at 3643 Delmar Boulevard wrapped a made-for-TV chapter and a 25-year run for one of St. Louis’ — and the country’s — foremost soul food restaurants, made famous by the OWN reality television hit ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.'”

While her family has been marred by drama surrounding her son Tim Norman and his accusations against her nephew, this was not the reason for the closure. Instead, the business was on land recently purchased by the city for an expansion of their hospital. “The expansion claiming Ms. Robbie’s property is part of a billion-dollar project in St. Louis. The massive project would rank with the new $1.7 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency campus as one of the largest-ever federal infrastructure investments in the St. Louis region,” said a report in the St. Louis Business Journal.

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