Music Artists Have Been Stopping Shows To Check On Fans For Years

The well-being of concert and festival goers has fully shifted into the spotlight following the tragedies that occurred at Travis Scott’s AstroWorld over the weekend. While many are still to scared to even go outside due to Covid and social distancing, others are rushing back to the live shows in large drones. Due to this, the need to monitor crowds and making sure attendees are ok is top priority. In the few days since we’ve seen some people apply this instantly, while social media has done an excellent job of resurfacing concert footage from stars who have been doing so for years.

A video of Adele began to surface from a previous tour where she was able to stop the show to help a fan. A emotional sounding Adele asks her band and crew if they could stop because she sees someone is not well. The show took place in Sydney, Australia and was at a large stadium seating 95,000 fans. The woman she saw was in fact going into cardiac arrest. The video was in response to a comment on tiktok saying “Oh wow look how easy it is to stop a concert.”

“Sorry can we stop, sorry there’s someone not well and I’m a bit worried. There’s fireworks in this one and I don’t want to scare em. Is it ok to carry on? Are you ok? Sorry. Someone’s not well” she told the massive crowd. She then laughed it off a little trying to lighten the mode saying “Im sorry I ruined the surprise for you all”, referring to the fire works. Once the woman was helped she said with a giggle “lets carry on.” 

In 2019, A$AP Rocky stopped his set at Rolling Loud when he noticed something unsafe was happening. In the video uploaded to tiktok, the user says in their caption “this is the type of energy artists need to have when they spot unsafe things going on in their crowds, always.” Rocky is interacting with the crowd and having a great time. The clip then says at around the 55 second mark, “He notices right here people fallen over and piled on each other and stops the music.” He turns to his DJ’s and asks them to stop the music. 

He’s clearly upset and demands everyone to back up, then screaming “pick those girls up” after he noticed some women on the floor. The clip then reads “where was this energy travis? This was a whole festival too” He gets more upset yelling explicits as he demands they help up the women that were being trampled. “Put your phone down!”  He screamed while yelling back up. 

Teyana Taylor is the latest to do this. She is currently on her farewell tour after announcing her retirement from music earlier this year. During a stop in Los Angeles for her Last Rose Petal show she noticed a concert goer not looking too well int he crowd. While its not clear what symptoms the fan was experiencing, whatever it was was enough to catch Taylor’s eye. In the clip she rushed to the side of the stage and asked security to pull the women up out the crowd.

“Bring her up here, sit her right there. Give her some air.” she asks her security. The can be seen picking the woman up and sitting her on the blockade in front of the stage. “You good!?” Teyana asked her, before requesting the woman say “rose petal” to insure she was coherent.  Without missing a beat she went right back into the song “Never Would Have Made It” off her 2019 album KTSE.

Speaking of Travis Scott and Teyana Taylor. Teyana Taylor was recently stopped by TMZ and asked her position on the Travis Scott and the AstroWorld Festival incident. While Teyana shared she always stops her show to check on her fans, she also stated, both the artist and producers should take proper precautions to keep fans safe. However, TMZ minced her words with a misleading headline claiming the singer defended Travis Scott. Following the release of the article, Teyana Taylor called TMZ out for misleading the public.

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