Nelly Meets His Karma After Telling Madonna ‘Some Things Should Be Left Covered Up’

“Hot in Herre” hitmaker Nelly is steaming up social media with his leaked intimate video. The clip, which was accidentally uploaded to his social media, has everyone talking. While Nelly has already issued a public apology and is rushing to do damage control, fans are taking the opportunity to point out some controversial comments he’s made in the past about other celebrities and how this could possibly be his “karma.”

Nelly has been incredibly apologetic since “accidentally” uploading the clip to Instagram. While it’s obviously him because it was posted to his IG, and you can hear his voice, the person worst off is the young lady in the clip whose full face is visible. In a statement, Nelly apologized to her and her family for the unwarranted attention. His team confirms that this was a private video that was uploaded as part of a hack and are concerned that more of Nelly’s info might soon leak, like his social security number, address, and phone number. 

Just last week, Nelly was in Madonna’s comments, ironically letting her know that maybe she needs to leave some things private. Madonna, who has been flaunting her noticeably large backseat for social media a lot in recent weeks, posed it up in some sheer tights with her backside to the camera in front of her car. The picture, titled “Car trouble 🔧🚙⚒️🚨,” got a lot of love friend fans and friends on her IG. “How can you not love Madonna lol… ❤️ 🌊” said JaRule. 

Nelly did not agree and instead commented on her post, “Some things should just be left covered up.” Fans seemed to agree with him in some comments sections saying, “I ain’t mad at nelly for speaking the truth!” and “He didn’t lie, though.” People on Twitter had a different response and took issue with him commenting on a woman’s body. “I’m not feeling Nelly’s comments about Madonna. Men need to stop policing women’s bodies,” said one user. [Nelly] don’t come for [Madonna] said another. 

Today, fans of the queen of pop decided to take the opportunity to remind Nelly of his comments in light of his recent exposure. “See what happens [Nelly] when you talk about [Madonna] haha. Another said, “Like Nelly said to Madonna, “something’s are better left unseen” now talk your [stuff] #Nelly #Madonna #Karma. Some fans took it a step further and assumed that a Madonna fan might be the one to have hacked Nelly’s phone. “[Madonna] sent her hackers on Nelly & leaked his video during Black History month smh.”

Nelly is not the only Madonna adversary speaking ill of the queen in recent weeks. 50 Cent has made it his mission to troll Madonna as well, although he has not been the subject of a hack or leak just yet.  He took issue with a shoot she did showing off her backside while her head was under the bed. 50 called it the funniest thing he’d ever seen and said, “if she don’t get her old [self] up.”  Madonna clapped back with a picture of her and 50 saying, “Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend,” before accusing him of trying to get attention by humiliating her on social media.  

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