Nene Leakes Has Faced A Difficult Years Following Gregg’s Passing, Now Her Son Is Facing Health Issues

Nene Leakes may be the queen of the clap back, but this week the reality star is summoning all her good karma to help her son through his latest health crisis. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has had her fair share of struggles in the last year, many of which have been well-documented online. Despite trying to keep her head up and celebrate life with a new man and new body, Leakes is now having to deal with the unthinkable as her son recovers.

Nene Leakes suffered a devastating loss last year when her husband, Gregg Leakes, passed away at 66 years old. Gregg had been battling colon cancer for years. Despite beating it once, it came back aggressively, and he lost his second fight with it. Gregg transitioned peacefully at home with his wife and family by his side. “All of his children were there. His best friends were there. Our closest friends were there. We all sat with him around the clock.”

Nene talked at great length about his final days and how they found peace. Nene and Gregg had famously separated and got divorced before remarrying. Nene confessed to being there for his final moments when he took a deep breath and exhaled for the last time.

Nene immediately threw herself into healing, working on herself, and finding new happiness. This included unveiling a new hairdo, a mini BBL, and a new man by her side. Leakes went public with Nyonisela Sioh last fall and had been showing off her new man on social media, revealing that Gregg wanted her to move on and be happy.

Unfortunately, this happiness did not extend to her time on Real Housewives. Leakes sued the show that made her a star in April after pay disputes fell through for her return to the series. Leakes argued that she was being discriminated against by Andy Cohen and Bravo. She also said that she was subjected to years of offensive remarks from cast member Kim Zolciak-Biermann, including her use of the N-word in 2012. The suit states that this behavior “was tolerated by Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen and other executives.”

Leakes would eventually drop the case in August “without prejudice,” which means she can decide to sue again at any time. However, the damage was clearly done, and it’s obvious she will not be returning to the show for a long time. “Leakes hereby dismisses this action and all claims asserted by Leakes without prejudice, thereby concluding this case before this Court at this time,” her team said in a statement.

In another shocking turn of events, Leakes new man is still married. His estranged wife decided to file a lawsuit against Nene, claiming that she caused their separation and blaming her for “emotional distress, humiliation and even loss of affection for Sioh.” Nene took to social media to dismiss the woman’s claims and mocked her, saying, “I’m already out here a husband stealer, this is too much. And ain’t nobody out here stealing husbands. Are they? I would never. Nobody wants to steal nobody else’s problems, honey.”

Unfortunately, Leakes problems have hit back close to home. Less than a year after her husband’s passing, Nene and her family almost lost her son to a stroke two weeks ago. TMZ reports that Brentt Leakes has been diagnosed with heart failure. According to Leakes, the 23-year-old does not drink or do drugs, so doctors are unclear what happened to him. He is overweight but showed no signs of serious medical conditions prior to this.

Nene claims he is in stable condition now but is struggling to talk still. They report that he will have a “long road to recovery,” but he is currently out of the hospital and beginning rehab. She took to social media to thank fans and let them know that she is receiving everyones prayers and well wishes.

Brentt runs a restaurant in Atlanta called The Linnethia Lounge that his mother gifted him. He also runs a second business called Who Want Smoke Hookahs. Fans took to the establishments’ page to send Brentt well wishes on his road to recovery. “Hope you doin ok Brent; take your time doin things and get well soon ❤️”

Prayers for Nene Leakes and her family. the reality star has been through alot throughout this last year.

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