Newly Released Court Docs Reveal Text Messages Between Azriel Clary and Her Mother, Instructing Her How To Please The Singer

R. Kelly is behind bars for the foreseeable future. The R&B star has finally been brought to justice for his crimes against women, but many people are still wondering where are the consequences for his enablers? This includes staff members, friends, and even the parents of the underaged women he courted. Recently text messages reveal just how complicit Alice Clary was in prepping her daughter Azriel for Robert.

Azriel Clary was one of the young women dating R. Kelly at the time he was finally arrested. The troubled young woman has changed her story and stance on everything several times over. While she has stood by Robert in the past, she’s also alluded to being groomed or living with him against her will. Clary was an aspiring singer when she met Robert Kelly and was reportedly trying to impress him with her music. Her mother, Alice, seemed a lot more clear on Kelly’s intentions, and in a string of text messages, she tried to get her daughter ready for the “Chocolate Factory” singer.

In a leaked exchange from the mother-daughter pair, Alice informed Azriel that she was to sing three songs for Robert and needed to look to his liking if she hoped to be taken seriously. This meant not wearing any make-up and styling her hair in a way that made her appear “young and innocent.” Her mother discouraged her from anything that made her seem too “grown” before telling her daughter to dance and shimmy for R. Kelly.

“Mama knows best,” she said in one of the messages. Alice was fully aware of what she was doing because, in later messages, she expressed her excitement at R. Kelly potentially “falling in love” with her daughter and marrying her. “Omg, you gonna marry him and have his babies,” she said.

Azriel has shown full support for her mother, sharing Drake lyrics in her story that read, “I only love my bed and my mama.” Fans in the comments noted obvious signs of Stockholm syndrome that Azriel has been displaying since the start. “Stockholm syndrome. We saw how hard she went for her other abuser, as well. Sooo what did y’all expect?”

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