Neyo Ask Fans To Respect His Family’s Privacy While They Handle Personal Matters Behind Closed Doors

Early today, Crystal Smith took to Instagram to announce that she was leaving her husband, Neyo despite renewing their vows just a few months ago. In the lengthy post, Crystal revealed that she had suffered through years of infidelity and had finally gotten tired. Crystal says she was receiving tips from friends who had seen her husband out with different women, and she informed them that they no longer needed to alert her since Neyo would no longer be her responsibility. In addition, Crystal said he lacked so much respect for her that many of his encounters were unprotected. She signed her confession “Crystal Renay” and wished her soon-to-be ex-husband the best. 

Those who have kept up with Neyo’s romantic life will recall that Neyo spent years with a woman named Monyetta Shaw before meeting Crystal. Neyo and Monyetta spent five years dating and share two children, Mason Evan Smith and Madilyn Grace Smith. Monyetta was also a victim of Neyo’s cheating ways and lost the R&B crooner to Crystal after he began sleeping with her following meeting at a music video audition. Crystal and Neyo fell in love quickly, and within a year of meeting had already gotten married and had their first child, Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr. 

Many people find it hard to feel sympathetic for Crystal because they believe she is experiencing karma for taking Neyo away from Monyetta. Some fans even remember Crystal throwing some shade toward Monyetta in the early years. One fan took to Twitter to remind everyone, “Neyo’s wife crying about Neyo is funny to me because; 1. You cheated with him while he was with Monyetta 2. Even after Monyetta left and you had him to yourself, you kept on shading her every single day. I do not feel bad for that girl one bit.” Another fan said, “So glad Monyetta is happily married and has moved on from Neyo’s BS. I hope Crystal’s kids are okay. They are the only ones who matter in that crazy situation cause she knew what type of man she married.”

Unfortunately for Neyo, there seem to be zero sympathies from fans. Many remember the story of how Neyo had Monyetta get her tubes tied following the birth of their second child, just to go father a child with another one. “Neyo’s wife saying he’s a narcissist on IG like she didn’t marry a man that encouraged Monyetta Shaw to have her tubes tied (so they wouldn’t have more kids) while he went on to have more children with her (Crystal). We hear you, Crystal, but you’re eight years late to the realization.” 

The sad recollection was made worst considering that the first child Neyo fathered with Crystal was a Jr. They followed it up with two more children, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, and Isabella Rose Smith. Neyo and Crystal would attempt to divorce in 2020, and Neyo admitted in his song “Pinky Ring” that Crystal did not trust him and accused him of cheating. However, he never confessed to anything. The two reconciled during the pandemic and celebrated their love with a massive vow renewal ceremony this year, so Crystal’s latest confession is a massive shock to fans. 

Neyo remained quiet for the first half of the day, but he did like Crystal’s post. He has since broken his silence with a statement on Twitter asking for privacy. Neyo is hoping fans can extend him, his children, and his family some time to process the impact such a public confession is going to have on them all. “Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums,” he said in his tweet. 

Fans were not happy with the crooner and jumped in his comments to let him know that the only person disrespecting his family was him. “You weren’t thinking about the children when you were sticking your pee pee in every available hole. You’re also meant to remove the speech marks when posting what your publicist sent you.” 

Neyo posted a video clip shortly after to promote his recent single “Don’t Love Me.” The poorly timed clip upset fans even more, who saw through his obvious attempt to redirect the drama towards his music. One person summarized everybody’s thoughts saying, “This is the absolute worst time for this.” What do you think of Neyo’s statement? 

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