NFLer Antonio Brown Had Controversial 2022, Ends It In Stand Off

Antonio Brown is having a truly bizarre year that seems to be ending pretty badly. The Donda sports affiliate might be taking after Kanye West with some really wild behavior that has caused people around him to be concerned for his safety. He is currently facing off against Tampa PD and could be heading towards some time behind bars.

Antonio Brown kicked off the year by making a bold statement. The former football star stripped off his jersey and threw it into a crowded midway through a game with his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He then stormed off the field and was immediately fired from the team following the display. Head coach Bruce Arians said in a press conference, “he is no longer a Buc.” Several days later, Brown explained that he refused to play and left the field, opting instead to focus on surgery for broken bone fragments stuck in his ankle, a torn ligament, and cartilage loss.

The following month, he began working with Kanye West and his Donda Sports fashion line. He opted to stay on board with the company following all of West’s backlash in October, calling it “reactionary and selective outrage.” He released a full statement proclaiming his support of Ye and saying, “I remain dedicated to helping clarify statements taken out of proportion by the media. I remain committed to bringing new ideas, experiences, and designs to our world. I remain in support of the humanity that is Ye.”

That same month, Antonio was embroiled in his own controversy. It was reported that the former NFL star had exposed himself to a woman at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. The actual incident happened in May, but the woman did not come public till October. She claimed that he was also physical with women in the pool. There is a video of him forcefully body-slamming a woman in the water before putting his rear end in her face while nearby people proclaim, “Oh my god.” He also can be heard asking the woman, “do you want it?”

Brown got in trouble again in November after it was alleged that he got physical with his ex-fiancee Chelsie Kyriss. He is said to have thrown a shoe at her during an argument. Kyriss pressed charges, and police came to Brown’s home on December 1st to arrest him. This resulted in a standoff with officers in Tampa. Police have been outside his home awaiting for him to come out, and he has refused. His charges are misdemeanor domestic violence. Video of the scene shows police outside the dwelling saying, “we’re not going anywhere.”

Police reportedly have a protective order request as well, alleging that Brown “poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to him or herself or others in the near future and beyond by having a firearm or any ammunition in their custody or control or by purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm or any ammunition.” No further updates are available at this time.

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