Actress Nia Long Details What Would Happen To A Side Chick In Resurfaced Interview

Nia Long is going through a tumultuous time in her personal and private life at the moment. News reports have extensively covered the cheating scandal surrounding her fiancee, Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. The Soul Food actress has already expressed her feelings on the matter via a statement. But many fans have wondered how she really feels, while others have shared what they would do in her position.

Multiple news outlets reported Ime Udoka having an “intimate and consensual” relationship with another woman within the Celtics organization. According to USA Today, he was immediately suspended from his coaching duties due to the action going against the code of conduct for the NBA. Social media was incredibly riled up following the breaking news of Udoka’s infidelity against Nia Long. Comments poured in droves shaming the Portland native for audaciously cheating on the actress, who many have placed in high regard for her beauty and talents. Soon enough, the NAACP Image Award-winning actress swiftly became a trending topic on Twitter.  

In addition to being a trending topic, the phrase “If I was Nia Long…” also became popular. “If I was Nia Long, I wouldn’t even trip […] see you in court. Like [man], she’s Nia Long,” exclaimed a Twitter user. Another wrote, “If I was Nia Long, I’d burn every single thing that nasty [man] owns.”

Nia Long once participated in an interview with Sway on Sway’s Universe, where she explained the types of women she can’t stand. Before diving into the conversation of side chicks the actress discussed how black women need to stick together. “We judge each other so hardcore,” the actress shared before going into the list of type of women she loves. “I love women. I love strong women. I love women who are big and beautiful.”

Nia Long then went to the type of women she has issues with. “I don’t like sneaky women and I don’t like women who are trying to [expletive] my dude,” the actress stated. Nia Long finds females trying to sleep with her man to be highly unacceptable and unfavorable. Interestingly enough, she mentioned in the interview that it “had not happened” to her at the time.

Despite never experiencing that situation, the Best Man actress was sure women have tried to get with her man, but have never done it in her face. According to the actress, if any woman tried to sleep with her man she’s in a closet somewhere under a pillow looking at her cherry thong in a drawer. “Y’all better stand down cause we don’t play. I can flip it and flop it real quick, Long advised women.

Unfortunately, the actress is now facing this issue in the public eye. Long released a statement after Ime Udoka’s allegation went viral asking for all the prayer she could get at the moment. News outlets are reporting Nia Long was completely blindsided by the entire situation. Following the allegations, Udoka received a one year suspension. Boston Celtics recently stated they will not stand in the way if Ime Udoka decides to pursue opportunities with another organization.

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