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Nia Long’s Ex & Father Of Her Oldest Son, Massai Z. Dorsey Remains Close To Family and 100% Certain Nia Long Will Stay

Nia Long has been in the news the last few days following the cheating scandal involving her fiancé and Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. While everyone is curious to see what the couple, who share two children, are going to do with their relationship, others are beginning to unpack Nia’s life and dig up things from her past. Long has been in a serious relationship before Ime, and many people are curious about her eldest son and his father, Massai Z. Dorsey. Dorsey recently spoke out about Nia and Ime and gave his take on everything.

Nia Long has been acting for a long time, getting her start in the early ’90s. By the end of the decade, she was a bonafide movie star, thanks to roles like Soul Food, Love Jones, and The Best Man. She entered the new millennium with new love as she began dating a man named Massai Dorsey. Nia and Massai dated for about a year in 1999 and eventually got engaged. Their engagement lasted ten months before they separated in 2001.   Dorsey is listed on several sites as an actor and has two credits to his name on IMDB. This includes 2004’s Third Watch, where he appeared in two episodes as a character named Drew. Dorsey would then appear a decade later in the movie Single Mom’s Club. The Tyler Perry-directed film stared Nia Long, Tyler Perry, and Terry Crews. 

Nia and Nassai share one child together. Massai Dorsey Jr. was born on November 26th, 2000. He was raised in Los Angeles and went to school at Birmingham Community High School in the Lake Balboa area. He is also listed as attending Eastern Kentucky University but could be currently studying at New York University, according to the “NYU” in his IG bio. The 21-year-old has few images on his profile, with his last post being from March 16, 2019. In it, he’s standing smiling at the MCM Worldwide store in Beverly Hills. In one photo, you can see his mother posing for the camera while a blurry Justin Combs can be seen behind them, walking down the stairs. 

Massai Jr. has yet to address the drama between his mother and stepfather, but fans have been in his comments wishing him and his family luck through this ordeal. “Keep ur head up bro betta days coming soon🔥💯,” said one fan. “Yo is what they say abt your dad true?” said one fan, assuming Massai Jr. was Ime’s son. One follower defended him and said, “That’s not his father. And stop being disrespectful asking a kid this question.”

While Massai Jr. seems to be staying quiet and out of the drama, his dad has opened up about Nia and Ime and how the couple are planning to move forward through this. Massai Dorsey Sr. said that he is still very close with Nia and Ime and that they discuss things as a family. He opened up to the DailyMail, saying that Nia and everyone involved are sticking by Ime 100%. 

Massai says that he has nothing but good things to say about Ime and that he is very thankful that he has been a presence in his son’s life. “He’s a good man. All these years. I’m happy he’s in my son’s life. Ime made a mistake,” Dorsey said. He believes that Ime is worth redemption and should not be punished forever for his mistake. Massai blamed mounting pressure from the “Me too” movement for Ime’s suspension and said that “we have to be very sensitive with women right now” and “women hold all the cards.” 

Marlon Wayans echoed similar sentiments this week when talking about Nia and Ime in an interview. Marlon, who seems to be close to the family as well, talked about how good of a guy Ime is and how Nia should forgive him and fight for her marriage.  It is unclear if Long is on board with any of this. In her only statement since the scandal went public, she claims to have been blindsided by this all. Long was in the middle of moving to Boston to live with Ime while he coached this season but seems to be back in Los Angeles. When TMZ pressed her for a statement, Long laughed off any hope of reconciliation and was not wearing her ring.  What do you think is going to happen to Ime and Nia? 

John Davidson
John Davidson
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