Nick Cannon Calls Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk Toxic, Blames Her For Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock

Jada Pinkett Smith redefined her career with Red Table Talk.

The Facebook series helped the Hollywood actress step out from her husband’s shadow and become a controversial headline in the process. Unfortunately for fans the series has come to an end this week. While many are sad to see it go, Nick Cannon took to his Daily Cannon podcast to wish the program good riddance.

According to Nick Cannon, Jada’s Red Table Talk has been the source of great turmoil in the Smith household. “If there was no Red Table Talk, then [Will] wouldn’t have slapped the **** out of Chris Rock,” the father of 12 declared.

Nick reasons that the show had to be traumatic for Will, especially since it was filmed in his house “[He] gotta walk by the mf’n table every day,” he said after one of his co-hosts tried to rebuttal, saying that Will and Jada agreed to be on the show.

Nick believes that the series ruined Will and Jada’s status as “royalty.” He also called it the “toxic table.” In her own statement, Jada Pinkett Smith thanked fans for their support of the show and said that even though Facebook Watch pulled the plug on the series, she is currently looking for a new network to host it on.

People in the comments believed that Nick had no right to call the Smiths toxic. “Nick Cannon calling anything Toxic is laughable,” said one person. Another said, “Toxic is creating a bunch of single-mother households on purpose, but…”

Do you think Nick is out of pocket?

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