Nick Cannon Celebrates Baby Number 10, But The Celebration Gets Overshadowed After Fans Notice Something In His Picture

It is hard to keep track these days of how many children television mogul Nick Cannon has. The proud papa has been in the news a lot over the last year for his ever-expanding family and defiance to stop despite many people urging him to take a break. Besides the obvious financial strain that comes with children, there are also the physical concerns that come with having so many partners unprotected. While Nick Cannon has urged his audiences that he takes the utmost care of himself, gossip site TMZ decided to help him celebrate baby number 10 with an interesting photo. 

For those keeping track, Nick is nearing 15 kids by years end. The former Nickelodeon star began his baby-making journey with superstar Mariah Carey back in 2011. They welcomed twins Monroe and Morrocan. Since then, Nick has been shacking up with a number of models, beauty influencers, and lesser-known women who have been quietly popping out for maternity shoots before birthing their babies and going off to social media fame with their Onlyfans accounts and one-off shoots. 

Included in this batch are Brittany Bell, mother of Golden Siagon, Powerful Queen Cannon, and Rise Messiah Cannon born last Friday. Abbey De La Rosa who is currently pregnant by him and already has twins, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon. Their brother Zen Cannon arrived in the same month to mother, Alyssa Scott. Bre Tiesi welcomed baby Legendary Love Cannon this past summer. Onyx Ice Cole Cannon was born shortly after to LaNisha Cole. 

In the past, people have been critical of having so many children with different women. Obviously, this means Nick is sleeping with them all unprotected and putting their bodies at risk for bacterial vaginosis, described as a “type of vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, which upsets the natural balance.” When asked by Angela Yee how he avoids these types of issues by being intimate with so many women, Cannon assured her that due to his ongoing battle with Lupus, he is constantly seeing doctors and getting tested. As a result, he is in excellent health. 

Well, TMZ has fans questioning that theory. While announcing his 10th child, they posted a photo of Nick sporting a nasty-looking growth on his mouth. The mysterious mouth sore was so concerning that fans on Twitter immediately began to question where it came from. “IS THAT A COLD SORE or [expletive] ON THE CORNER OF HIS MOUTH???…. Nick Cannon Welcomes Baby Number 10 with Brittany Bell,” said one site. “I really hope Nick Cannon keeps his mouth far away from his five baby moms and ten kids” said another person. 

It’s not looking great for Nick. Whatever it is around his mouth, it has everyone thinking that he needs to stay far away from his kids and any future women until he gets it taken care of. The television host has yet to respond to the post, but Cannon always finds a way to get in on the joke and could say something soon. What do you think it is? 

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