Nick Cannon Claims He’s Struggling With Co-Parenting Because He Can’t Resist Them

Nick Cannon continues to peel back the curtain on his unconventional family. Despite charging into 2021 pretty zealous by his growing family with multiple women, 2022 has seen him fall back a bit and admit that he might have bitten off more than he can chew. Luckily for fans, Cannon is not shy to let them in. Now armed with his own daytime talk show, he can keep everyone up to date on his baby-making journey and how it affects him. He recently did a live therapy session where he admits to feeling like he will always be intimate with his baby mothers.

So for those of us keeping count, Nick Cannon is currently a father of 8 and has five baby mothers. His first children were twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey. He also has two children with Brittany Bell. Last year he welcomed three kids, another set of twins, and a baby boy named Zen, all in the month of June. Baby Zen passed away in December from a brain tumor. Not even a month later, photos of Nick at a baby shower for his 8th child leaked.

Throughout it all, he seemed to maintain pretty cool, joking about wanting more kids. At one point, he joked about doing a celibacy challenge so that he could focus on work but otherwise seemed really happy with this choice.
In a recent episode of his talk show, Nick sat down with Dr. Laura Berman on her podcast ‘The Language of Love’ to discuss how he really feels. The talk show host shared a few excerpts from the interview with this television audience earlier today.

On ‘The Language of Love’ Cannon expressed deep regret at not spending more time with Zen before he passed. He says that having other babies around Zen’s age adds to the guilt. For Cannon, he blocks out this guilt by working even harder so that he can properly provide for them all. Cannon then talks about his baby mothers. While he and Mariah Carey seem to have the most solid co-parenting situation, he admits that the other moms and him are still sorting things out.

Dr. Berman said that she was under the assumption that Cannon was possibly in a relationship with the most recent mother. He says this is something he struggles with. He admits that he is still intimate with some of them and feels like he will continue to be because there is “true authentic love there.”

The talk show host says that co-parenting is a struggle because he is often put in situations that feel warm and familiar, and then some sort of intimacy follows. He feels like he cannot resist his baby mothers and that there is always chemistry. Nick says watching them be amazing mothers is very attractive to him and that while he is ok with the dynamic, they are not all dealing with it the same. He closed the segment by asking the audience, “am I a lot to deal with ya’ll!?” To which they responded “yes.” Do you think Nick Cannon has gotten in over his head?

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