Nick Cannon Continues To Face Backlash After Speaking On Women’s Hygiene

Nick Cannon should be celebrating the birth of his latest child, a baby boy with Bre Tiesi. The occasion marks Nick’s 8th child in total, 5 of which were born within the last two years. Instead, he is getting roasted by the internet due to some very tasteless comments he made about women’s hygiene. Nick Cannon has gotten a lot of flack for his choice to procreate with so many women in such close proximity, and now people are blaming him for the issues he claims have plagued 80% of the women he’s been with.

Nick Cannon is nowhere near done on his journey to grow his family. While Bre is celebrating the healthy au natural delivery of their baby boy, Abby De La Rosa is gearing up to have another child by Cannon. Nick and Abby already have twins, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon. Abbey announced that she was expecting yet again and that it could possibly be another set of twins. This would bring Cannon’s grand total up to 10. That includes first-born twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon with Mariah Carey; Golden and Powerful Queen Cannon with Brittany Bell; the second set of twins with Abby; baby Zen Cannon with Alyssa Scott and, of course, Bre’s child.

Nick has been very candid about his relationships and why he has chosen to grow his family in such a way. Cannon is very rich and successful and has the means to care for so many kids and families. In addition to this, he blames his lupus diagnosis for giving him a “live on edge” attitude because he never knows when he’s going to die.

During an episode of his talk show earlier this year, Nick confessed to having very complicated relationships with several of his baby mothers and alluded to still being active with a handful. While he admits that most of them don’t like it, they put up with it because of how he takes care of them all. The women do not identify as sister wives, however, and Nick does not seem to be dating any specific one. If anything, Cannon has only alluded to wanting that old thing back with Mariah, who ironically appears to be the only one not still intimately involved with him.

With so much going on, you’d think a man with so many women would be a bit more sensitive when talking about them. Nick held nothing back when he told Angela Yee’s Lip Service gang that 80% of women have poor hygiene and “stink up the place.” People were immediately appalled at his claims and blamed men like Nick for throwing off women’s PH balancings by being intimate with multiple women.

The women of Cocktails with Queens agreed and laid into the Wild N Out host for his remarks. “It’s not even the women’s fault!” said Claudia Jordan. “It’s a known fact that if you’re with a man cheating on you or [raw dogging] with other women, you’re just mixing the different chemicals. You mess up everybody’s PH level!” She called the resulting mix of dna a “broth,” which caused everyone to erupt in laughter. Claudia Jordan went on to call his baby mothers ‘sisters wives’ and claimed they were probably good before Nick Cannon started mixing them all up.

Vivica Fox agreed and called Cannon a Pokemon, “poking everybody over there.” Fans in the comments agreed as well and continued to call Cannon out for being the real one at fault and not these women. “He can only speak for the women he have had, and if it’s 80% of them, then he needs to consider the options of something being wrong with him.” Do you agree that it is Nick’s fault?

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