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Nick Cannon Plans To Have More Children

Nick Cannon’s new show is proving to be a runaway success. Thanks in large part to all the stories surrounding Cannon in the last year. With a direct line to the public now, Cannon has taken to his daytime talk show to address rumors head-on, which seem to pop up daily. Today he sat with Angela Yee to open up about his latest baby reveal and just why he is so good at having children.

Nick Cannon is the proud father of 8. He had twins Monroe and Moroccan with Pop icon Mariah Carey in 2011. He then began dating model Brittany Bell, and the pair had siblings Golden (2017) and Powerful Queen (2020). 2021 would prove to be Cannon’s most fruitful year, and he would welcome three babies. He and DJ Abby De La Rosa would conceive his second set of twins, brother’s Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir at the top of June. Before the month was out, they would have a baby brother named Zen, which Cannon fathered with Alyssa Scott. Baby Zen would unfortunately not survive the year and passed in December due to a brain tumor. Unbeknownst to the world, Cannon was keeping an 8th pregnancy a secret. He and model Bre Tiesi were also expecting. Photos from their baby shower leaked this past weekend, and now everyone knows.

Cannon caught up with Angela Yee to address pressing questions by the public. Yee points out that usually, fertility issues are a result of men not having strong “swimmers,” so she asked Cannon how does he keep his baby batter so strong. Well, according to Cannon, if you put life into your body, then life comes out. Nick is in pretty great shape and is significantly more health-conscious due to his lupus diagnosis. Not to mention he does daily health challenges on his show and champions the teachings of Dr. Sebi who promoted alkaline living and veganism.

Nick also opened up about his plans to have more kids, although there is not a set number. His goal is to have as many kids as he can care for and be a good father to. When he asked the studio audience, it seemed they were hoping for him to have an even 10.

The Talk Show Host also shed some light on his celibacy challenge from 2021. He was able to be honest now and admit that he was overwhelmed with Bre’s pregnancy and the start of his talk show. It’s safe to assume baby Zen was also weighing heavy on him since he and mother Alyssa have confessed they knew he would not survive the year and were instructed by doctors to prepare for the worst. With all those factors weighing on him, his therapist suggested he should give his “swimmers” a rest and abstain from intercourse or getting anyone else pregnant until he sorted through his life. Nick says he almost made it to 2022 but appears to have messed up sometime in December.

He admits he is still working through spiritual challenges and took the time to thank his children’s mothers for aiding him along his journey. While he confessed that all the moms do not necessarily get along or interact, he is very thankful that they let all his kids spend time together.

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John Davidson
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