Nick Young Reacts To Video Of Diddy Revealing He’s Open To Love With Teyana Taylor

Sean “Love” Combs has gone by many names. Puffy Daddy, P. Diddy, and eventually Diddy before his current moniker. He’s also had a handful of women to seemingly go with each name. Despite all the beautiful women he’s been attached to, it appears Nick Young believes that Diddy may have had some men on his wish list too.

Diddy kicked off his career in the ’90s and was initially attached to model and actress Kim Porter. Kim was already racking up some famous men, too, having previously dated Dallas Austin and sharing a child with Al B Sure. She and Diddy were connected for over a decade and share three children together. Diddy never married her, and she ended up leaving him over his repeated infidelity, eventually getting his other baby’s mother, Sarah Chapman. Somewhere in the middle of their relationship, he also dated superstar Jennifer Lopez as well.

Diddy would later be linked to another pop star, Bad Boy signee Cassie. While she came into the label with her producer and boyfriend Ryan Leslie, Diddy would eventually court the “Me & You” singer. They would go on to date for ten years. Cassie’s career would stall in that time with the exception of one-off singles like “Official Girl,” which alluded to issues between her and her mogul beau. They would eventually split without ever getting married. Cassie quickly found love after him and is now a married mother of two.

Diddy’s latest love is City Girl’s breakout star Careesha aka Yung Miami. The pair have been playfully flirting and exchanging energy in the media before confirming on her show “Careesha Please” that they “go together, real bad.” Miami recently lost her baby’s father around the same time Kim Porter passed, and it’s clear the two have bonded in their healing.

During a discussion with Teyana Taylor, Diddy explained how much he missed Kim Porter. Diddy claims that he has learned more in loss than love could ever teach him, but he is still struggling to really let love in. He admitted to recently going through Kim’s old text messages and feeling like he would never find another love like her. “I’m not giving up on love, but it’s hard. A different level of heartbreak. Whenever I see the sun, I see God, and I see Kim.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Diddy talked about how he wants to get his “soul snatched” by a lover. A confused Teyana looked on as Diddy stumbled through his answer, saying, “just a genuine like, uh,” before proclaiming “man” as a form of expression and ending it with, “this love is really real.” Nick Young decided to troll and reposted the clip with the caption, “he lowkey said a genuine man, lol.”

Diddy has fielded some questions about his sexuality in the past, with former security personnel alleging that he had a man in his hotel rooms and even ran out of the room once naked. Do you think Swaggy P is trying to question Diddy’s sexuality?

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