Nine More Women Come Forward With Accusations Against 85-Year-Old Bill Cosby, Sues The Actor

Bill Cosby’s past continues to come back to haunt him. The former television dad has new women popping up on the daily with claims that he used his fame to lure them into compromising situations over his decades-long career. It seems at every point of his journey, Cosby has had a lust for ladies, and now nine more women are coming forward to discuss their interactions with him.

The reason it seems like women continue to pop up is that several states have changed their rules around the statute of limitations since the interactions occurred. Prior to the Me Too movement and before women had so much support around coming forward, many women stayed quiet until it was considered too late to talk.

Now that many states are extending the statute, these victims have been empowered to come forward despite the decades that have passed and seek justice. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo helped sign the SB129 bill on May 31st, allowing victims of older sexual assault cases in the state to be able to pursue justice.

Now nine women in Nevada are able to step forward with their stories. The list includes supermodel Janice Dickinson, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Janice Baker Kinney, Lili Bernard, Heidi Thomas, Linda Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Cooper, Pam Joy Abeyta, and Angela Leslie. This incident reportedly took place between 1979 and 1992 in Las Vegas.

Lili Bernard claims the trip from New York to Las Vegas was under the pretense that Cosby was going to help her secure work as an actress. She did eventually get a small role on The Cosby Show but at the expense of a night with the actor where he reportedly drugged and slept with her.

Janice Dickinson says Cosby did the same to her in 1986, inviting her to Lake Tahoe for a role before offering her a pill and taking advantage of her.

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