NORE Attempting To Dodge Lawsuit After Allowing Kanye West Use Drink Champs To Spread Misinformation

Kanye West is busy dismantling his legacy, and N.O.R.E might be going down with him. West has always been great and outdoing himself when it comes to public outrage and controversy, with his latest attempt at selling a “WLM” t-shirt and waging “war” on the media easily his most unhinged fiasco. While many have distanced themselves from the YEEZY designer, N.O.R.E decided to air an episode of Drink Champs that might land him and Louis Vuitton don in court for spreading misinformation. 

Kanye West was booted off Instagram and Twitter earlier this month after making controversial statements. Silenced on social media, West began doing interviews to defend himself and his point of view. The only interview that was aired in full was his Hulu Linsey Davis conversation, but everything since has been scrapped or heavily edited.  West did a full interview with Lebron James on The Shop that had to be pulled after they deemed his behavior erratic and some of his statements inappropriate. In their statement, they revealed that they did all their due diligence to ensure that West was in a sound mental state for the interview, but unfortunately, things still went left. “Kanye was booked weeks ago. After talking to [him] directly the day before, [we] believed he was capable of a respectful discussion, and he was ready to address all his recent comments.

Unfortunately, he used The Shop to reiterate more hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.” Another interview featuring Kanye West that had to be extremely edited was his 2-part conversation with Tucker Carlson. The Fox News segment allowed Ye to open up on everything from The Clintons to The Obamas, his former wife Kim Kardashian, and her family, and COVID. However, leaked footage from parts that were left out reveals that Kanye believes that Planned Parenthood was created by the KKK “to control the Jew population.” Rapper N.O.R.E has featured Kanye West in the past on his podcast Drink Champs, with their 2021 interview earning over 11 million views. Unfortunately, their newest discussion landed Kanye and N.O.R.E in hot water. 

During their talk, Kanye West said that he believed that George Floyd did not die from police brutality but instead from the drug Fentanyl. A lawyer took to Twitter to inform the public that this type of misinformation seriously underminds the Floyd family’s mission to dismantle systemic racism and could land West in court. N.O.R.E accepted his failure in not editing the interview and called into The Breakfast Club this morning to apologize.  “I could come out here and say this was Kanye’s thing, and that’s it. And guess what? People will forgive me, and I could get away with that. But that’s not what I’m doing. I feel like I failed my people. I called ‘The Breakfast Club’: because I wanted to apologize to my people.” 

Many people are calling out NORE as it seems he’s trying to protect himself from a lawsuit. The Drink Champs host was warned before the interview to avoid Do you think N.O.R.E and Ye will get sued? 

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