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Nova, for the first time in the movie, with Siam

She started her career with modeling. Since then he has worked regularly for a long time in TVC and drama-telefilm. He has also presented in various TV shows. He also has experience working as an officer in an advertising agency. However, actress Nova is waiting for a new experience.

Working in film for the first time. The name ‘Mridha Versus Mridha’. The film is directed by Ronnie Bhowmick. In this movie, Siam Ahmed will be seen with Nova. Also present are Tariq Anam Khan, Nima Rahman, Sanjida Preeti and others.

Confirming her role in the film, Nova said, ‘I am able to make the journey of the movie with a challenging character with a wonderful story. That is the joy. I hope it will be a very good experience.

Producer Ronnie Bhowmick said in the context of his film, the film will show a story from a social context. Where the beauty of family harmony, some important issues including the deterioration of the relationship will come up.

The construction of the film has already started. If all goes well, ‘Mridha Versus Mridha’ will be released next year. Incidentally, a long serial drama called ‘Golmaal’ is being made on RTV. Nover will be seen in this play.

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