Ochocinco Refuse To Buy Newborn Baby Designer Clothes To Prove His Status: ‘We Do Target and Osh Kosh’

Chad Ochocinco Johnson and his fiance, Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado, welcomed their first child together last year.

The pair had a baby girl named Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson, and she has been taking over their social media with cute videos and pictures. The baby may have been born to a well off parents, but Chad is not planning on splurging for his baby girl just yet. In a recent video, he let fans know that Serenity will not be having designer clothes anytime soon.

Chad and Rosado welcomed their baby girl on January 2, 2022. She is Rosado’s fourth child and Johnson’s eighth. In a video of him lying side by side with his baby, Chad compliments her on her red outfit, saying, “you flamed out!” He then tells his fans, “we don’t do the designer stuff for the kids. I know it’s cute. It’s a thing. It’s a cultural thing, it’s a status of freedom. ‘oh, I got money.’ no! We do OshKosh B’gosh! We do target.” Baby Serenity is completely unphased by dad’s conversation and even lets out a big yawn right in the middle of his rant.

Mom Sharelle stepped into the comments saying, “Lord lol, I step away for two mins lol 😂.” Fans shouted out the celebrity couple for keeping it simple and repping smaller brands for their newborns. “Target and Osh Kosh got nice kid’s clothing,” said one fan. Another pointed out, “Osh Kosh, Target, carters and kosher!!! Between vomit, poop, and growing, they might get three wears out of it.”

Ochocinco is not the only celebrity opting out of overspending on their kids. Zonnique got some heat last month after fans felt she was too harsh when trying to “humble” her daughter. The reality television star was on an IG live talking about her daughter’s upcoming 1-year birthday party.

When fans asked about what gifts she’d be getting her baby, Zonnique declared that her daughter had enough toys and was “nobody special” to deserve tons of lavish gifts. She went on to dismiss the idea that her baby should be spoiled just because she is T.I and Tiny granddaughter.

She did not get the same level of support as Chad, with many claiming she was rude or mean to her daughter. Zonnique later backed up her statement, letting fans know that even if she tried, she would not be able to stop her daughter from being spoiled because the baby gets whatever she wants.

On the opposite end of this spectrum is Cardi B, who actually gets flack from people who think she spoiled her daughter too much. Cardi has been accused of being materialistic and living through her daughter Kulture. Since becoming a man, Cardi has thrown lavish parties every year for her daughter. One included a horse-drawn carriage, character actors portraying Disney princesses, seafood towers, and more. Cardi is never one to mince her words, and told fans they could mind their business if they did not like how she is raising her kids.

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