Offset Pens Emotional Letter To TakeOff, Asks Late Rapper To Give Him Strength: The Pain Is Unbearable

The world said goodbye to rapper TakeOff last Friday, but the information surrounding his funeral and tributes from friends and fans continue to pour in. The heartbreaking homegoing featured the long-awaited reunion of Offset and Quavo, performances from Chloe Bailey and Justin Bieber, and some really sad speeches from the people closest to him. Offset penned an emotional tribute to his kin that has everyone fighting back tears today. 

TakeOff meant a lot to many, and as part of Atlanta’s thriving hip-hop community, his friends are some of the who’s who of music. Gucci Mane is a pioneer of the trap genre, paving the way for acts like Migos. The 1017 Records CEO shared a video tribute to the slain rapper called “Letter to TakeOff.” In it, Gucci can be seen walking through a church and cemetery paying his respects to the young star who was taken too soon. Dressed in all black and holding up his hands in prayer, he said, “Just left another funeral and shed a tear; I’m still in disbelief. I can’t believe it’s real.” He raps about not questioning God but thinking that too many fake people are left behind while God takes “the real.”

Others have championed the same image of TakeOff as a good man who was always leading in faith and brotherhood. Producer Metro Boomin’ shared a text exchange with TakeOff where the Migos star sent him a bible verse following the passing of his mother. “Takeoff’s life was proof that good manners and humility go a long way. Manners truly made this man. #RIPTakeoff,” said a person on Twitter who reshared the screenshot. TakeOff told Boomin’ that he was sorry for his loss and had been wrestling with the right words to comfort his friend. Eventually, he came across Matthew 5:4 and shared it with him. “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” 

Metro knows the deep pain that comes with a sudden loss. His mother, Leslie Joanne Wayne, was attacked by her spouse in June. The incident resulted in her life ending, with the man taking his own shortly afterward. Leslie raised Metro and his siblings in St. Louis and even drove him to Atlanta to be around more musicians. That life-altering loss, followed by the passing of his friend TakeOff has undoubtedly been rough for Metro. 

TakeOff’s death has been traumatic for his group members as well. While his uncle Quavo was present in his final moments and has to unpack that whole experience, their cousin Offset was not on speaking terms with them when TakeOff passed. It’s been hard for him to cope, and he was very emotional in the footage from the funeral. 

Today he finally ended his social media silence with a lengthy post. He has called the pain of losing TakeOff “unbearable” and admits he cannot find words for his grief. Offset calls this entire experience a nightmare and misses performing and hanging with his brother. “Give me strength,” he begs in the post. He ended it with “I love you forever, 4L and after,” with a rocket and heart emoji. 

This is the first public post Offset has shared since Takeoff’s passing. The only other time he’s spoken about the devastating loss was during Takeoff’s funeral over the weekend. Let’s keep Offset and the rest of Takeoff’s family and friends in our prayers.

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