Offset Puts His Differences With Migos To The Side Following TakeOff’s Passing

The Migos were a fractured group prior to losing TakeOff on Tuesday, November 1st. It is not 100% clear what exactly went down between the trio, who are also all related, but the guys had not been doing anything as a group for the last few months. Fans have been hoping to see Quavo and Offset put on a united front for their fallen brother and got their first glimpse of that from Offset today via his Instagram. 

The last time the group posted together from their social media account, it was to celebrate the release of their Culture III Vinyl in May. “We want to thank the fans and everyone on our team that helped us get to where we are today, We just dropped #Culture3 Vinyls for the Culture,” they said in the caption, which looking back, felt like a bit of a send-off from them. 

Fans who were expecting to see them at Rolling Loud in Toronto were disappointed as the group pulled out following several appearances without Offset. “Was most amped to see you guys. Very unfortunate situation, you guys will always be the best group,” one fan told them under their April announcement for the show. 

Offset appeared to wipe his page of any Migos content and has been posting solo since July. Quavo’s last post to feature Offset was from January of this year, celebrating the four-year anniversary of their Culture II album. Prior to that, his only other post with Offset was a Happy Birthday one from December of 2021, saying, “Been Through It All Wit My Dawg! Now We Stand Tall On The Mountain.”

Rumors of an affair between Offset and Saweetie hit the net earlier this year, which many dismissed considering how close Offset and Quavo are, in addition, to Offset being married. Unfortunately, Offset began pulling out of group performances, making it seem like there might have been some truth to it. He also unfollowed Quavo and TakeOff on social media, followed by suing their label, Quality Control, for control of his career. 

While some believed a rift between Quavo and Offset was maybe due to jealousy, Quavo fed into the rumors about an affair with his lyrics on the song “Messy.” Released on his joint EP with TakeOff titled Only Built for Infinity Links, the album was already a sign of there being an issue due to Offsets’ absence. On the record, Quavo alluded to an ex wanting to sleep with his friend and how messy the whole thing got. 

Despite all the speculation, the guys remained pretty vague on what was going on. The new duo made things worse during an interview just a few weeks ago. Quavo and Takeoff were asked to choose between Nicki Minaj and Offset’s wife and mother of his children, Cardi B. The duo added fuel to the fire choosing Nicki Minaj. Cardi B eventually responded to their response with a subliminal tweet telling both individuals to ”stand on it.” When Quavo was asked about a potential reunion, the rapper stated Migos will remain a duo for the foreseeable future.

TakeOff seemed to have a different view on things and was hoping for some reconciliation between his uncle and cousin. He stressed that he does not have all the answers, but he “prays a lot.” “We’re always family ain’t nothing gone change,” he told Big Facts on Revolt. He talked about hoping God would bring them back together. Unfortunately, he will never see his brothers reunite.

Both Offset and Quavo have been quiet since the incident. Quavo, who was present at the shooting, is clearly grieving heavily, especially with rumors that the gunman was a friend of his who misfired while trying to defend him. Offset, on the other hand, was not at the scene but has updated his IG profile picture to one of TakeOff. His last post is a photo from October 22nd, which fans have taken to, to leave their condolences and plead for him and his cousin Quavo to reconcile. “Quavo and Offset gotta come back together and carry the Migos legacy. Do it for Takeoff, man,” asked one fan. 

Offset has yet to publicly speak on Takeoff’s passing. However, he has changed his profile pic on social media to remember his former group member. The rapper is said to be taking it hard as Cardi B is reportedly working to get him and Quavo to repair things.

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