Ohio Man Who Claimed Self-Defense After Killing Sinzae Reed Finally Charged, But Not For Killing The 13-Year-Old

An Ohio family is still looking for justice in the death of their 13-year-old son last October.

The shocking murder took place in Columbus after a 36-year-old white male named Krieg Butler opened fire on Sinzae Reed, claiming self-defense. Butler reportedly got out of his red pick-up truck and shot Reed three times, hitting him twice, before fleeing the scene. Reed passed away shortly after.

Butler was immediately arrested and charged with murder but later released from jail after he reported that the incident was an act of him defending himself.

According to other witnesses at the scene, Reed shot at Butler first. They also said that after the boy dropped to the ground, someone came over and removed what looked like a weapon from his body.

It looks like these eyewitnesses are helping Butler avoid a murder charge, but he is still being charged in connection to the shooting. Butler reportedly lied about shooting Reed in his initial interrogation and tried to dispose of the murder weapon.

As a result, he is being charged with evidence tampering and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Reed’s mother has been very outspoken throughout the process and feels like her son’s murder is being glossed over in order to make it easier for Ohio governor Mike Dewine to “implement a stand your ground legislation” without giving their courts and police proper legal guidance.

She also feels that if her son were white, they would have received justice already.

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