Opi Karim is the heroine of Farooqi’s web series

The two have done a lot of work together on the small screen. Opi Karim was the heroine of filmmaker Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi’s first movie on the big screen. Opie’s performance in the movie ‘Bachelor’ still fascinates. After that, they were no longer seen uniting in the large canvas industry.

It is heard that they are becoming one again. Farooqi recently announced the creation of a web series. Opi Karim will play the lead role there. The buzz has been flying in the show for the last few days.

However, when Farooqi was contacted to be sure about this, he left it in the fog. “I don’t want to talk about it right now,” said the television producer. What you hear may or may not. I will tell you everything that is understood at a certain time. ‘

Incidentally, Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi himself recently shared his web series on social handle. There, he said, he has decided to build a web series even after going back many times. Although the name and subject are not clear, it can be guessed that the name of the series will be ‘New Love Boat’

In a status on social media on Thursday night (January 26), he wrote in detail about the web series: I used to work for TV! Then came the opportunity to make movies for the theater! Now OTT has started a big change all over the world! Filmmakers around the world are thinking or working on OTT! I have been preparing for it for the last few years! Even then it took several years! After a long delay, I’m finally going to do my first job for the web! ‘

He added, ‘Meetings have been held with many platforms for the last 3 years! I locked the story after a few meetings, it has happened many times! Then a few days later I thought, no- I don’t want to do this story! Want to do something else! Say it again! In this way, killing the possibility of many stories, the final one came to mind. I think this story is going to throw some new challenges for me! The new challenge is a lot like falling in love with someone new! If there is no feeling of falling in love, what else is happiness that works! ‘

He further wrote, ‘The name of the story, the actor-actress, the technical team, what platform I am working for, all this we will tell in time! All I can say is that for the last 3 months we, we mean our cast and crew team are preparing hard for this job! As soon as you remember the work, our hard work will come in handy! ‘

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