Orlando Brown Has Moved On From Disrespecting Bow Wow, Now Shooting His Shot At Tisha Campbell

Actor Orlando Brown has been troubled for some time now. There was a time when redemption and life-changing clarity seemed to be on the way for him. However, his recent antics seem to show Brown back to his old ways. Following his sketchy comments about rapper Bow Wow recently, he’s now got another celebrity in his crossfires, causing many worries.

Orlando Brown once enjoyed a consistent and successful run in Hollywood. Born in Los Angeles, Brown started as a child star in the television film Family Values in 1995. That same year, he starred alongside legendary comic Damon Wayans in the film Major Payne and stole viewers’ hearts. The film went on to be a significant success. Orlando Brown’s work continued in shows like The Jamie Foxx ShowFamily MattersThat’s So Raven, The Proud Family, and more. In addition, he made film appearances in Senseless, Max Keeble’s Big Move, and The Proud Family Movie, among others. But the Disney star would soon find a lot of drama that would seemingly continually surround him.

In 2008, it was reported by multiple outlets that Orlando Brown went missing. A report from PEOPLE included a statement from his then-publicist, who sought any information about his whereabouts. However, he reappeared shortly after and issued an apology, expressing that he felt the need to be alone after feeling overwhelmed. Then some years later, Orlando Brown was in the news for legal troubles. A 2016 TMZ report brought up the actor and musician’s arrest in Torrance, California, after a serious dispute with his then-girlfriend. It was also reported that Brown was discovered with meth in his possession.

The child star would deny these claims on his Instagram in a since-deleted post. According to Hip Hollywood, Orlando Brown stated his “peace of mind” was threatened by the media’s reporting. He also claimed he was not on drugs. “The devil is a lie I feel him breathing,” the actor wrote. More antics would arise on social media from Orlando Brown, including highly explicit details of an alleged relationship with his former That’s So Raven co-star, Raven Symone. In 2017, he also hopped on social media with some harsh and scathing words about rapper Soulja Boy. Much of his wild behavior alerted his then friend and manager, Solomon Baron, to schedule an on-air intervention with Dr. Phil for professional help. “He’s obviously delusional,” Baron said. He added that everything from Brown’s finances to living arrangements was in disarray. “His whole life is in shambles right now, and he doesn’t quite understand that.” Brown’s manager said.

Orlando Brown then appeared with Dr. Phil in snake-eye contacts, and things got weird from there. The actor claimed he had intentions of marrying Raven Symone but hadn’t figured out a way to ask her. He would also issue that his real name was “Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket,” referring to Michael Jackson as his birth father. But Brown made the admission that there had been issues in his life. The actor revealed that he did “a lot of drinking,” along with detailing his substance usage.

In 2020, Orlando Brown returned again with more wild claims, this time aimed at Will Smith. The actor uploaded a video, alleged that Smith behaved extremely inappropriately with him as a child, and then claimed that Michael Jackson had set it up. That year he’d also dragged Nick Cannon’s name into his videos and claimed that the famous actor performed an intimate act on him. But by that September, it appeared that things had changed in his life. Orlando Brown was seen in a video at a church service sharing a testimony of how he’d turned his life around. He also released an inspirational song and accompanying music video that celebrated his new life and a newfound love for God.

But recently, Brown seemed to revert to his old ways. First, the actor appeared in a recent sit-down with Funny Marco and seemed to elude that he’d been intimate with Bow Wow. Now, he’s taken his aim at actress Tisha Campbell Martin. Orlando Brown hopped into the Martin actress’s Instagram comments under a recent picture to disrespectfully request to ‘lick it’ under in her comments section. her, which can be seen here.

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