P. Valley Renewed For At Least Two More Seasons, But Not Every Cast Member Will Return

P. Valley fans have found their prayers answered. After taking to social media, creating petitions, and even GoFundMe campaigns, it has finally been confirmed that the strip club drama has been renewed for not one but two seasons over on Starz. The hit series will see a host of familiar faces return, including Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda, but some cast members will not be making their way back to the Pynk for the 3rd and 4th installments.

P. Valley is a monumental hit for the Starz network, helping usher in a new batch of bright, talented black actors into the television industry. Amongst them is J. Alphonse Nicholson, arguable the show breakout star behind Uncle Clifford themselves, Nicco Annan. The women of P. Valley are obviously its main attraction, just like the fictional club, and Brandee Evans and co have all seen their stars rise significantly since things took off for the series.

Show creator Katori Hall seemed to scare fans a bit when she revealed the show had not been renewed yet, and that she catered season two to wrap up some storylines as neatly as possible. One story that concluded in the second season was that of Autumn Night, aka Hailey Colton, played by Elarica Johnson. Johnson will not be returning for seasons 3 and 4 but told fans earlier this month that it was her decision to end her time on the show. Well before knowing if the series would continue, Johnson says she worked closely with Hall to wrap up Autumn’s storyline in a way that felt satisfying for everyone. However, with the character still alive, the shows renewal does offer an opportunity for her to return if she really wants to.

With that said, all other original other cast members seem to be prepped to return when P. Valley begins filming again. Apparently, the renewal hold-up was due to some behind-the-scenes issues between Katori and Starz that had her scared to sign back on. According to B. Scott, “the delay for the renewal was due to some behind-the-scenes issues that made show creator and executive producer Katori Hall reluctant to sign on for more.”

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