P. Valley’s J. Alphonse Unbothered By Negativity He Receives Cause He’s Able To Take Care Of His Kids

P Valley is a wildly successful series for the Starz Network. The strip club-based show has a colorful cast of characters geared to shed new light on adult workers, ex-cons, and gender non-conforming individuals. One of its breakout members is Lil Murda. The aspiring rapper has touched a nerve with audiences as he explores toxic masculinity through the lens of a man who is also attracted to men and non-binary individuals. Actor J. Alphonse Nicholson has had to face some harsh criticism from people who believe his role is going a step too far for a man who is straight in real life. 

Season 2 of P Valley picks up at the end of Murda’s relationship with Uncle Clifford. He finds himself reconnecting with friend Big Teak, played by John Clarence Stewart. The two made headlines almost immediately as their characters engaged in a graphic scene that broke the internet. Unfortunately, the two would not live happily ever after. Big Teak was dealing with some demons and opted to take his own life right before Murda’s eyes. The storyline has shocked fans and kept them on their toes, wondering just how this show will push buttons next. 

From the very beginning, people have questioned how actor J Alphonse has been so comfortable portraying a queer character while being a straight and married man in real life. The actor has stressed from the very beginning that he priorities his work and believability, so the shock has always been a compliment to him. Alphonse says that he’s engaged in homosexual loving roles before and credits his wife for her incredible support and push. 

Alphonse also says that his cast members have been incredibly helpful in making scenes feel organic, natural, and safe. Following Murda and Teak’s intimate scene last month, Alphonse Tweeted at the haters to let them know how much their shock validated him as a creative. “As an actor, the ultimate goal is to be as believable as possible. Relax, precise, fierce. Although @PValleySTARZ is a fictional story, I’m grateful for the real conversations that are being had. Job well done. #PValleyStarz #LILMURDA #steadygrind”

Outside of how rewarding the work is for the actor, he admits that the checks makes things even sweeter. For those who want to cast any doubts on J’s sexuality or intentions with taking on the role, the actor reminds them that his very real wife and kids need to be taken care of, something P Valley has allowed him to do. 

In an IG live, he addressed people directly and let them know that despite any negativity, he knows for sure he is impacting people positively and making a change. “get your bread and know that you touching people,” he told fans. At the end of the day, Alphonse has no issue separating his real life from the fictional one and doesn’t care what issues everyone else has with it. “I stay true to who I am, and I stay true to what I got going on..which is taking care of my kids…my family.”

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