Patrick Clark, Man Accused Of Killing TakeOff Finally Indicted On Murder Charges By Harris County Grand Jury 

Could the family, friends, and fans of TakeOff finally get some justice?

It has been months since the Migos rapper was gunned down in Houston, TX. TakeOff was an innocent bystander who was hit in the head and torso during a shootout following a fight his cousin Quavo had in a dice game.

The man originally arrested for the shooting, Patrick Xavier Clark, has been fighting hard to prove his innocence, but it appears he will finally be charged with the murder. Let’s take a look at the last few months of this case.

It took police in Texas nearly a month to track down a suspect in TakeOff, real name, Kirshnic Khari Ball’s, passing. When they finally arrested Patrick Xavier Clark, he had a duffle bag full of cash and a ticket to Mexico.

Clark was reportedly waiting on an expedited passport to flee the country. Authorities say they connected Clark to the shooting from security footage at the bowling alley.

They also said they found his fingerprints on a bottle that he carried from the scene and tried to dispose of at the House of Blue’s later that evening. He reportedly went back to the bowling alley again before leaving.

Around the time of his arrest, Clark maintained his innocence and started a GoFundMe to ask for help. He also demanded a private investigator. A family friend who believed he was innocent as well helped pay for his bail, and Clark got out in January.

His bail was initially set at $2 million but was brought down to $1 million by the time he got out. Fans were discouraged, as were Quavo and Offset. Quavo coincidently dropped a single on the day Clark was released, helping keep the focus on TakeOff and his family during their time of healing.

They must all be breathing a sigh of relief today. Patrick Xavier Clark has officially been indicted by a Harris County grand jury on murder charges today, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

This means that he has officially been charged by a grand jury. Forensic evidence proves that he is the only person who could have shot TakeOff.

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