Peter Thomas Reaches Out To Cynthia Bailey After Fans Begged Him To Win Her Back

Cynthia Bailey is back on the market. Her marriage to Mike Hill ended prior to their two-year anniversary, but the duo is united in their goal to let fans know things were amicable and nobody cheated. Bailey is now left to consider her options, and recently revealed that an old flame reached out following some encouragement from fans.

Cynthia Bailey has a child with actor Leon. The pair dated from 1999 to 2003. Their daughter Noelle was born during that time and is now 21. Leon is still a heartthrob for many, so when news broke that Cynthia was single again, many fans thought it was time for them to try and rekindle their romance. “Cynthia Bailey, at this point, just needs to get back with her fine ass baby daddy Leon,” tweeted one fan. Unfortunately, Cynthia and Leon say they are more like siblings than lovers these days. Cynthia was married after Leon to restauranteur Peter Thomas.

The duo shared the typical reality television relationship, with a big wedding special and several ups and downs. They married in 2010 but split by 2016, citing fighting and some speculated infidelity. They were divorced in 2018, and shortly after, Cynthia sued Peter for a failed contract relating to some land he had her purchase on a three-year contract. It is unclear if the two became friends again after, but things seemed pretty dead between them until recently.

Fans had been in Peter’s comments for days asking him to take his ex-wife back or reach out to her. Commenting under pictures from his birthday celebration, fans went back and forth on whether he should go back for his “woman.” “Go get Cynthia back!” said one fan. “You and Cynthia should reconcile. She is free again,” said another and “Hey, Peter Cynthia, single Go get your girl.” It looks like this worked, because Cynthia reveal that Peter did reach out to check on her during BravoCon. Cynthia said that Peter reminded her that she was a queen and deserved the best. ““He said he just wishes me the best, so that was really, really nice,” she told Page Six.

Many fans would love to see Cynthia back with Peter. Do you think the pair have any desire to reconcile? Or has time passed?

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