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Power Book Actor Lovell Adams-Gray Reveals He’s Engaged To Canadian Actress Kiana Madeira

Thanks to the Power Universe, we’ve been introduced to a bevy of gifted and talented fresh faces. In Power Book II: Ghost, fans welcomed the cutthroat Tejada family, with Academy Award-nominated actress and singer Mary J. Blige, as their fearless leader Monet. Also included in that mix was the loveable yet tough and no-nonsense Dru Tejada, played by Lovell Adams-Gray. The actor’s portrayal of Dru and many of his scene-stealing moments have had many fans looking into his real life. However, during a new sit-down conversation with his Power co-stars, Gray revealed he is indeed engaged.

Power Book II: Ghost may be the series for which Lovell Adams-Gray is best known, but the actor has been building his profile for some time. Born in Toronto, Gray always dreamed of pursuing a Hollywood career.Lovell Adams-Gray reflected on his dreams during a 2018 interview with the Toronto Star. He recalled his eighth-grade teacher informing him of the average actor’s salary. Although it was a low number, he was unaffected. “It’s all I ever wanted to do,” he said. “I wanted to affect people to feel and think differently.”

Aside from various roles in theatre productions, Lovell Adams-Gray started his career with a walk-on role on SyFy’s Warehouse 13 in 2014. He also played a minor role in the 2015 comedy Len and Company.  Lovell Adams-Gray continued to acquire recurring roles in television shows such as Dead of Summer, Lost & Found Music Studios, Slasher, and Second Jen. He was also a central cast member in the Canadian crime drama Coroner.  

But in 2020, Lovell Adams-Gray’s star would skyrocket when he was cast on Power Book II: Ghost as Dru Tejada. Dru is the youngest of the Tejada family, and he appears resistant to following his family’s ruthless ways. Fans soon realize he is gay as he falls for a man named Everett, and the two engage in steamy intimate scenes. However, despite Dru wanting to distance himself from the violence, he is also not to be played with.

Because of how convincing Lovell Adams-Gray’s portrayal of the character has been, especially in the erotic scenes, many fans have pondered on his sexuality. However, the actor has long been in a relationship with actress Kiana Madiera.Kiana Madiera is also from Toronto. She has worked as an actress since 2007 and starred in films such as Disney Channel’s Bad Hair Day and The Swap. Most recently, Madiera starred in the Netflix Fear Street trilogy film series.

Lovell Adams-Gray appeared on The Crew Has It Podcast hosted by his co-stars, Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Piolo, to discuss his journey. During the conversation, he shared that the couple is engaged!  Gray shared that the couple moved to Los Angeles together to further their acting careers. “[Madiera] holds it down,” he said. In addition, the actor added that there is “nobody better to have be a partner” and relocate to Los Angeles within this journey.

According to an Instagram post from Kiana Madiera, the couple began dating in 2017. The actress revealed in the January 2021 post that she had “since been promoted to fiancee.” Check out the rest of the interview to hear Lovell Adams-Gray further gush about his future wife and her impressive basketball skills.

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