Power Book Actor Woody “Kane” McClain Shares Series Finale Spoiler: “Expect A lot of People Not To Make It”

Power is not afraid to lose a character.

The 50 Cent universe has been shocking fans for years with its twist and surprise death. Current Power Book II star Woody “Kane” McClain says that the upcoming season finale might be the franchise’s most shocking yet, comparing it to The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones.

Power has killed off so many characters that the fan-powered Wikipedia account has a whole page dedicated to deaths. Of course, the most controversial of the series would be that of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost. He was shot in the chest by his own son in the original series’ final season.

While many fans believe he might still be alive, his character has yet to reemerge. Power Book II is already in its third season, with four characters already getting killed off this year. This included Claire, Bash Kumal-Stern, Artyom, and Lorenzo Tejeda.

Tariq St. Patrick is responsible for two of those four deaths, with Mary J. Blige’s Monet Tejeda being responsible for one. Woody McClain plays Blige’s eldest son Lorenzo (Kane) Tejeda Jr. He is her right-hand man and the enforcer of their drug organization.

Kane has tried to kill Tariq in the past, but his attempts failed. He does have several kills to his name over the series’ first two seasons. McClain tells fans the worst is yet to come and says Power II is heading towards a Red Wedding-inspired end.

The Red Wedding was a season final in Game of Thrones where they killed off all the lead characters of the series up until that point. The episode shocked everyone and set up Game of Thrones as a show to watch for their storytelling and risk-taking.

“[The] Season finale of ‘Power,’ expect a lot of people not to make it. Oh, yeah. Oh, just leave it like that. Oh. It’s like the Red Wedding on ‘Game of Thrones.'” McClain told Jalen Rose during an interview for the New York Post.

The reveal has some fans speculating that one of the show’s major stars might get offed. In addition to Mary J Blige, the series also stars Method Man.

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