Power Creator, Courtney A. Kemp Reveals “Ghost” Is Still Alive, Says Power Book Season 3 Will Have New Characters

At this rate, we are aware that anything.. and we do mean ANYTHING could happen in the Power Universe.

Viewers of the acclaimed STARZ show have witnessed a multitude of outlandish things occur on the show. And of course, it’s television. It’s a work of fiction. Anything can (and sometimes will) go in Hollywood. So when it comes to the news that the main character, James St. Patrick, better known as Ghost, is alive, sort of on-brand, right?  

Because of longtime fan speculation that Ghost, played by Omari Hardwick, could return, this news could prove to be exciting for some fans. But how would Ghost be alive if he died in the series finale of Power

I mean, we all, who are avid viewers of the 50 Cent executive produced show, watched Tariq St. Patrick shoot his crime boss of a father. We all witnessed him falling off the balcony to his death. And while Power can definitely stretch reality at times, the show absolutely is not one of those campy soap operas where the dead has miraculously come back to life. So once again, we ask, how exactly is Ghost alive?

Power has been known to bring back old characters in the past. However, if they have died, chances are they are dead. But there have been instances where the dead has come back to life in the form of an apparition. 

50 Cent, who portrayed one of the show’s primary antagonists named Kanan Stark, graduated from a recurring role to a prominent one throughout the series. But that all changed when in season 5, his life was ended by law enforcement.

However, Kanan Stark made significant appearances throughout season 6 as a ghost that would return to often haunt Tariq, played by Michael Rainey Jr. He also appeared in the spin-off.  Power Book II: Ghost.  

Another member of the St. Patrick family to reach their unfortunate demise was Tariq’s twin sister, Raina, played by Donshea Hawkins. The decision was made in the Power Universe to shake things up with her death in the fourth season.

However, her spirit would often reappear for the remainder of the series and once in Book II. Other characters like Angela Valdes, Joseph “Joe” Proctor, Lakeisha Grant (played by Lela Loren, Jerry Ferrera, and La La Anthony, respectively have passed away and returned to the series as apparitions. So, for some, it would not come as a surprise if Ghost himself returned. But alive, now that is another story.

Many fans have often speculated that Omari Hardwick would make his triumphant and swaggering return as Ghost during Power Book II: Ghost. Some even believed that Ghost was returning when Naturi Naughton posted a photo on Instagram showing the on-screen couple celebrating her birthday with a seemingly innocent caption that some fans thought to be cryptic.  

“GHOSTs never die,” she wrote with a winking emoji. Naturi Naughton even went as far as to hashtag that Omari Hardwick was her “forever TV husband” and “We not done yet.”   “Wherever there’s a [Ghost]… you’ll find a [Tasha],” wrote Naturi.

But two seasons have now gone by, and nary a sighting of Omari Hardwick and Ghost has returned. However, actor Joseph Sikora – who portrays Tommy Egan, popped on Instagram Live recently and sort of fed into fan suspicions when he held a Q&A.

Sikora highlighted that “everything is a possibility” in the Power Universe, as mentioned before. One fan specifically asked if Omari Hardwick would be making his return as James St. Patrick. So naturally, this would prompt Joseph Sikora to hint at his return in Power Book IV: Force.

But adding to the inquiries, the actor teased that Ghost’s return could very well be in the land of the living and not as, well, a ghost.

But Michael Rainey Jr. is dispelling those rumors. The young actor recently took to Instagram Live, where he interacted with fans. A particular fan brought up the tale, and he stated that Power is not “some fake show where [people] s comin’ back from the dead.”

Executive Producer and Power Universe creator Courtney A. Kemp also revealed new details of where the show is going and also dropped a hint as to how Ghost is alive. According to Kemp, Ghost is alive, but through Tariq St. Patrick.

Equating the show to her own father’s death and not going into further detail, she expressed her intention to demonstrate that “Tariq is Ghost on earth.” Season 3 is reportedly currently being filmed in New York City.

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