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Power Fans Refuse To Give Up On Ghost Returning To The Franchise After Video Of Omari Hardwick Surfaces

Fans of Power are still holding on to hope that the original season’s star, Omari Hardwick, may still be running around as criminal mastermind Ghost. Hardwick is a hard-working actor already on to new projects, but some people are using a scene from another film to confuse fans of Power into thinking Ghost survived his devastating ending at the hands of his own son.

Ghost is undeniable the center of the Power Universe. Played masterfully by Omari Hardwick, James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, is a brilliant and ruthless drug lord desperate to leave his life of crime behind. Unfortunately, he gets dragged further and further into the darkness, compromising his own family in the process. Over six seasons, we saw him weave a tangled web, trying to balance it all, only to lose in the end by the very people he was fighting so hard to protect.

In the season 6 climax, Ghost was shot at for the last time by his own flesh and blood, his son Tariq. Played by Michael Rainey Jr., Tariq has lived off into his own spin-off called Power II: Ghost, where he follows in the same footsteps of the father he killed in the previous season.

When questioned about Ghost’s death in the years since Power, showrunners have assured fans that Ghost is 100% dead and can never come back. Show creators reportedly planted a major clue in the second season of Power II to assure fans that Ghost was not coming back. This includes a note handed to Tariq when he was arrested for a double murder. Also talks about Ghost’s estate, which could not happen without him being truly dead.

On a more personal level, show creator Courtney Kemp admits that her real father’s passing influenced her writing about Ghost’s death. In an IG Live, she said, “Without going into super detail, what I will definitely say is that part of the reason why I started writing this show was about my father’s death.” She explained that his death is permanent because that is how she needs it to be for the story she is trying to tell surrounding Tariq becoming a man.

That still has not stopped fans from coming up with theories, and thanks to the help of the internet, they’ve been able to get people riled up this week with significant hope for Ghost’s return. They’ve been repurposing a scene for a film Omari Hardwick did after Power called Shot Caller. He plays a man named Kutcher in the 2017 action/thriller about another man who becomes a criminal throughout the course of the film.

In one scene, Hardwich walks up to a mirror and examines a bullet wound in his chest. While he looks injured, he is very clearly alive and in shock. His hair is the same length as Ghost, and if you do not know any better, it looks like it’s the same character who’d just miraculously survived getting shot by Tarik. “If Ghost is still alive. I’ll be the happiest movie lover!” said one person. Sadly the truth was brought to everyone’s attention, but some are still holding on to hope. “Ghost didn’t die because the gun that Tariq used in shooting him was not the one he Tariq planted. Ghost swapped the gun before Tariq could use it. Ghost is still alive, ladies and gentlemen.”

Do you think Ghost can still be alive?

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