Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Reveals He Only Has One Week Of Freedom Left

Baby Blue is getting ready to turn himself. The Pretty Ricky alum is gearing up to serve some time following a PPP Loan scandal. While Blue maintained his innocence and has taken to social media to try and throw other companies and entrepreneurs under the bus, he was not able to shake the heat or earn his freedom. He is now letting those interested in keeping in touch with him know how to contact him.

If you are not hip, PPP Loans were the credit card scam of the pandemic era. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped several small businesses gain access to additional funds for staff and bills when COVID forced so many of them to shut down. PPP loans are issued by private lenders and credit unions, and then they are backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The loan process was put together in such a rush to help aid those in need that the process was not properly vetting applicants. As a result, a lot of people got access to money they did not need and certainly did not use it to help their small businesses. Stories of single moms getting BBL surgeries, pastors purchasing cars, and more have been coming out for months. Of course, celebrities got in on it, too, many using the money to front their expensive lifestyles instead of investing in their “businesses.”

It was announced last month that Baby Blue would be serving 20 months in prison in connection to PPP Loan fraud. It is reported that Blue falsified information to qualify for the loan and was awarded funds under the guise that he would be using it to help his companies LLC and Blue Stars Records LLC. Baby Blue and his cohorts applied for almost $24 million in aid and were given $500k. Baby Blue then took to social media to show off a brand new Ferrari and brag about his gambling at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida.

Blue initially tried to downplay the reports by trying to call out other companies for getting PPP loans and told fans they could google which celebrities had received them too. This list included Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and The Church of Scientology. Earlier today, Baby Blue told fans he would be turning himself in and told them how they could keep in touch with him. In a now unavailable Tweet, he said, “turning myself into the feds on Monday, February 7th. If you wanna write me or send me anything, see my info below…” The rest of the tweet featured an address. At some point, shortly after this however, his Twitter account was deactivated.

The Shade Room reposted his Tweet to some funny responses from fans. “Send him what? He had all that money he should already have wtf he needs 😂” said one. Another commented, “You didn’t send us nothing when you had that PPP LOAN goodbye.” Do you think Pretty Ricky fans will be sending Baby Blue anything?

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