Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure P Reveals He’s Now A Grandfather At 36

R&B singer Pleasure P of the mid-’00s group Pretty Ricky has an exciting new family addition to tell fans about. The 36-year-old star took to his social media recently to let fans know that he is now a proud grandfather.
Pleasure P, real name Marcus Cooper Sr, posted a baby picture to his Instagram today. In the caption, he said, “Been so busy with tour and stuff that I forgot to tell you guys about this little blessing. He came a month early, weighing in at 6 pounds. Introducing you guys to my Grandson Amir Marcus cooper.”

He goes on to tell fans that he had his first son Marcus Cooper Jr when he was very young. Now his son is following in his footsteps, having his kid at a young age. “I had a son while I was young, now I have a grandson while I’m young. What a blessing.” His comments were flooded by fans and famous friends congratulating him. Lyfe Jennings said, “Grand rising grandson!” while P’s Pretty Ricky bandmate Spectacular commented “Granduncle Spec lol” with a star eye emoji.

Meanwhile, under The Shade Room’s repost, the energy was a little different. “Now him singing boyfriend #2 while being a pop pop,” said one commentator. Several other people were confused, many claiming to not have known he was a father. “His son is 17, and he is about to be 37 guys,” said another person hoping to clear up the confusion for many. Just in case their fans didn’t feel old, one person said, “That’s how old pretty Ricky fans are lol hell me too.”
Those looking to see the guys in action are in luck. Pleasure P and the rest of Pretty Ricky are currently on the Scream Tour 2020. The show, headlined by Omarion and Bow Wow, has been making its way around the U.S with guest appearances from Ashanti, The Ying Yang Twins, 112, and more. Pleasure P joints a list of exclusive Hollywood folks who have had grandchildren while they were still fairly young.

Whoopi Goldberg became a mother at 18 years old. Her daughter Alex Martin then turned around and her first child at 16, making Whoppi a grandmother at age 34. She now has three grandchildren in total. Joe Jackson had a large family of kids, including Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. It was daughter Rebbie Jackson who made Joe a grandfather early, having her first kid while her dad was only 42. In total, Joe had 13 grandchildren before he died in 2018. One of the most famous would be White House hopeful Sarah Palin. During her campaign, it was revealed that her teenage daughter Bristol Palin was expecting her first child with then-boyfriend Levi Johnston. The pair eventually had a baby named Tripp, making Palin a grandmother at 44.

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